Game 69: Reds at Pirates

Phillips 4

Votto 3

Frazier 5

Bruce 9

Byrd 7

Suarez 6

Barnhart 2

Smith 1

Hamilton 8

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Batting Hamilton 9th eliminates one full turn at bat. In my view, here is what I would
Hamilton CF
Votto 1B
Frazier 3B
Bruce RF
Byrd LF
Phillips 2B
Suarez SS
Barnhart C
Pitcher’s spot…
Lead off should have tremendous speed and Hamilton is a ‘one-man game changer’.
As evidenced before, when he gets on he destroys the opposition on the basepads; an opposing manager said that he literally “outruns the baseball”. He now looks like he can steal a base 100% of the time; huge difference from last season. In fact, he’s only been thrown out 3 times and picked off 2 times, while stealing 31 bases thus far.
When Hamilton gets on base via a SGL or BB, it equals a TPL! And in close games losing that extra AB could mean the difference between a W and a L.

exactly. This is stupid to bat him 9th when you have 3 players not counting the pitcher who hit worse than him. let alone cant steal like Hamilton. I cant stand it when coaches do things for no reason and then stay with it just because. I want to see stats with Hamilton in leadoff and Votto second. If Price can show me that he either player was not getting the job done then so be it. But I remember them both playing their best baseball batting first and second.

Price and Jocketty deserve the record the Reds have,but the plyers do not trades are needed

Hamilton and Votto both definitely hit their best this season batting 1-2. It’s become a complete joke.

Guys . The Reds front office has been a joke for two years . They consistently talk out of both sides of their mouths . Jocketty is still operating the way he did that got him run of St. Louis and Castillini thinks he’s the best thing since sliced bread . It’s the blind leading the blind .

Red fans ownership too worried about all star game—not the Reds overall health need to change direction quickly.

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