Cueto pushed back

The Reds revised their starting rotation with an announcement on Monday that Josh Smith will be called up from Triple-A Louisville to start Tuesday vs. the Pirates in place of ace Johnny Cueto. It will be Smith’s Major League debut.

Following Smith for the rest of the Pittsburgh series will be Mike Leake on Wednesday and Anthony DeSclafani on Thursday. Cueto will pitch Friday series opener vs. the Mets at Citi Field, followed by Michael Lorenzen and Smith. According to a team spokesperson, the change was made to give Cueto a couple of extra days of rest but it was not specified if he was dealing with a health issue.

Also, the club revealed that closer Aroldis Chapman is on paternity leave.


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Cueto would not be pushed back unless they needed to give him time off.
Our best SP wouldn’t miss a turn just to give the new kid a turn.

I don’t understand the Red’s not saying why. Why so secretive? Maybe he’ll be in some other teams uniform by Friday.

Extra rest means a day or two, not a whole series with a team you are chasing in your division.

somethings up

Is it wrong of me to say that I hope the Reds give Price a pink slip for bday today?

I actually think outside his one blow up that Price has handled the last two injury ridden years fairly well. His handling of Hoover this year and bringing him back slowly to rebuild his confidence was done quite well.

fire Price work to get Bud Black or hire interim manager like Riggleman or Aaron Boone,

ARE YOU SERIOUS VIRG? If you think he’s handled the last two season fairly well, you are watching something way different than I am. His handling of the bullpen is the worst of all time. How do you not let your best pitcher (AC) ever go more than one inning? STUPID! How do you put the fastest player in baseball and a guy that can turn a single into a triple real quick at the complete bottom of your order? STUPID! How do you give a guy a “day off” after hitting 4 homers in 2 games? STUPID! How do you watch Cueto go 7 innings only to bring in Kevein Gregg to bridge the gap to Chapman? STUPID! The lineups he puts together are aboslutely idiotic. Price is hands down the WORST manager in the bigs and he’s proven it over and over again. Hoover has turned HIMSELF around because he’s always been a good pitcher and he just remembered that again. Price had nothing to do with it!

I stand by what I said, went to GABP for a couple of games this last home stand and saw a good
Team still fighting. Followed this game to long and learned a long time ago the manager has less to do with the outcome than most fans realize. You Might want to check
How our offense has done since Hamilton went to ninth. He is not a lead off hitter BP is simply better. I could argue the other stuff but simply our opinion and one is just as
Right As the other. More important
Things to do in life right now.

I have noticed the the losing record we have since it’s happened.

14W-18L since he moved to the bottom
18W-18L when he was at the top

Interesting stats:
Last 7 games:
Phillips: .174/.174/.174.348
Hamilton: ..235/.316/.235/.551
Last 30 games:
Phillips: ..239/.269/.307/.576 – 8 RBI
Hamilton: .247/.291/.259/.550 – 9 RBI
For those who say Hamilton is hitting better because he is hitting 9th, I would ask at what cost. Is it possible Phillips is hitting worse because he is hitting 1st.

Tired of waiting just completely proved my point. The change has not helped in any way. For either player. Hamilotn is one of the best weapons in baseball when he gets on base. Granted we all wish that could happen more, but you have to give him the chance to do it more often. End of story.

Agree – don’t like how everything on the players. So many one-run games in the L column; a run of month that put Reds way back when small moves kill rallies, not pulling pitchers fast enough, seeming not to know when to bunt or promoting small ball – move players over. Lack of knowledgeable instruction on mgrs. part? Knowledgeable fans have desire to see game played way it’s supposed to be played .

Sorry guys I consider myself a knowledgeable van too sorry guys I consider myself a knowledgeable van too. I made my comment not about two players but about the TEAM. I said check the offense after the change was made putting Billy at ninth. Actually the two games I went to a GABP in the last homestand it was to the benefit of the Reds that Billy came up in the ninth position not the pitcher.

why is Jocketty still there and when do they wake up and start realizing they need change ?

Actually, a few sports sites have indicated that Castellini hasn’t given up on 2015.
Hard to believe he hasn’t seen the writing on the wall, but he’s in a far better position
when it comes to what matters to the team…$$$. By 2017 they should have a new TV and Cable rights upgrade, so maybe he sees the team the way it is; that is, until the first really good deal comes down the pike. That’s all conjecture, but I think they’ll make some deals after the all-star game, but it won’t be a total cleaning out of the team. Who I would like to see traded, keeping in mind the salary level of the entire team, would be Cueto, Chapman and Phillips. The first two players contracts will be more than many teams could pay; Phillip’s contract is just too much and I think they could fill 2nd base without much problem. Phillips total drop off of power makes him an easy target, but his glove would be missed. I know, I didn’t mention Bruce. He might do well in the AL (DH), but I personally haven’t given up on the guy. However,
with that said, he better put up some great HR and RBI numbers this year. He’s projected to hit 26 & 81 which isn’t too shabby; he certainly could do even better, and has done in the past…save last season. Also, his glove is thought to be above average. We’re on our way to July so the answer to all our questions and thoughts should be answered pretty quick.

The new TV contract, while generating more revenue immediately, will not be a gargantuan upgrade on the scale we see in other cities and markets. And it won’t keep pace with the explosion of money coming to the big and mid-size markets. It will quickly get eaten up by inflationary pressures within the game itself. All-too-soon, the Reds will be back near the bottom of the MLB revenue rankings because that is what their small market can only dictate, over time.

Reds #20…Forbes…
BROWSE THE LISTValues calculated March 2015
Current Value ($mil) 1-Yr Value Change (%) Debt/Value
(%) Revenue ($mil) Operating Income ($mil)
New York Yankees
3,200 28 0 508 8.1
Los Angeles Dodgers
2,400 20 17 403 -12.2
Boston Red Sox
2,100 40 0 370 49.2
San Francisco Giants
2,000 100 4 387 68.4
Chicago Cubs
1,800 50 24 302 73.3
St Louis Cardinals
1,400 71 21 294 73.6
New York Mets
1,350 69 26 263 25.0
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
1,300 68 0 304 16.7
Washington Nationals
1,280 83 27 287 41.4
Philadelphia Phillies
1,250 28 8 265 -39.0
Texas Rangers
1,220 48 13 266 3.5
Atlanta Braves
1,150 58 0 267 33.2
Detroit Tigers
1,125 65 15 254 -20.7
Seattle Mariners
1,100 55 0 250 26.4
Baltimore Orioles
1,000 61 15 245 31.4
Chicago White Sox
975 40 5 227 31.9
Pittsburgh Pirates
900 57 10 229 43.6
Minnesota Twins
895 48 25 223 21.3
San Diego Padres
890 45 22 224 35.0
Cincinnati Reds
885 48 6 227 2.2
Milwaukee Brewers
875 55 6 226 11.3
Toronto Blue Jays
870 43 0 227 -17.9
Colorado Rockies
855 49 7 214 12.6
Arizona Diamondbacks
840 44 17 211 -2.2
Cleveland Indians
825 45 9 207 8.9
Houston Astros
800 51 34 175 21.6
Oakland Athletics
725 46 8 202 20.8
Kansas City Royals
700 43 8 231 26.6
Miami Marlins
650 30 34 188 15.4
Tampa Bay Rays
625 29 22 188 7.9

Ranked here below the Reds are several markets that are larger and have more revenue potential over time: Toronto, Miami, Houston, Denver, and Phoenix. The TV wheelers and dealers realize this.

do not expect miracles .unless Jocketty and the current owner are there we need a sell off quickly.

Mark’s full article is on Reds website. Indicates Smith is scheduled for 2 starts. This raises the question on what Iglesias current status is. Haven’t heard an update. His 15 days was up yesterday. Anything new ???????????

He was playing catch a few days ago and at that time they were hoping to have him back before the All-Star break

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Pingback: Stock Up, Stock Down on MLB's Top 2015 Trade Targets, Week 12 - Distinct Athlete

Sparky couldn’t have won with this club. The blame is on Castellini and Jocketty. The Phillips deal hamstrings them. The bullpen is a joke and we have zero hitters in the system. Yorman is coming on, And Winkers wrist must still bother him

Roster construction is much more important than lineup construction. Bullpen building is more important than bullpen usage.

There may be a difference in importance but as a manager , you sure better know how to use your bullpen and Price doesn’t . Especially early on .

I hope everyone is voting their 35 times for Toddfather for the All Star game. Did mine last night. Notice he is second now.

I still say Reds need some hitters and revamp the pitching staff ALL the way through. It’s up to the GM to get the team some hitters & pitchers, either via some real smart trades OR call ups. As a Reds fan some one needs to take charge and get the team some help, OR get a GM that will get the help the team needs, NOW!!!!!!!!!!

Acctually , I like the young starters . The Phillips deal isn’t the only one that is hamstringing the Reds. Votto’s , Bruce’s , and Homerun Bailey come toons as well .

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