Cozart out for season

From the Reds:

@Reds: SS Zack Cozart tore ligaments and the biceps tendon in his right knee. Is expected to have surgery Monday. Rehab approximately 9 months.

@Reds: Reds recall IF Chris Dominguez (#15) and IF Eugenio Suarez (#7), option RHP Pedro Villarreal, place on the 15-day DL SS Zack Cozart.


WoW… IS this REDS team snaKe bit or what? NOw I guess we get to watch if “the future” is ready @ SS….. Hopefully they can drive in runs….


Certainly hope Cozart recovers soon and rejoins club asap. He was really surprising me this year having a great comeback. Good Luck Zack!

Was surprising me too. Hope he makes full recovery. Hopefully Suarez and DeJesus can tend to things effectively for rest of year.

NEXT year Wayne…9 months!

What has happened to Iglasias? Is he on DL?

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