Phillips, Hamilton updates

The Reds did not have 2B Brandon Phillips in Wednesday’s lineup because of a mild left groin strain that forced him out of Tuesday’s game.

“It’ll be one of those day-to-day things,” Reds manager Bryan Price said Wednesday morning. “We’ll see how he responds with treatment today. It’s just, again like they mentioned, it’s one of those injuries if it gets worse it becomes a significant concern so should know more by the end of the day and tomorrow on when he’ll be ready to play again.”

CF Billy Hamilton was out of the lineup again with a sore left wrist.

“It’s all good. I just got to let it calm down for a couple days and get back at it,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton was almost pressed into service on Tuesday during the 11-2 Reds win over the Phillies. Phillips was injured and came out before the third inning and Jay Bruce was ejected in bottom of the third inning. That left Tucker Barnhart as the only healthy player on the bench. Hamilton felt he could have played, if needed.

I told [Price]… ‘Listen, if you need me, I’m here. I can do whatever you need me to do – bunt, swing, run for sure.’ The game actually came out the way he wanted it to. He didn’t want to have to make the decision to use me. He wanted to give me that break.”


well Hamilton should be replaced by more offense, Sorry Boesch once a good prospect wth Tigers needs to go—–Jocketty has not much to do maybe he should look for an opptunity with espn like another mis led former GM.

That’s what they get for playing short handed all year . Very poor management of personnel . But that is normal operating procedure .

I have been a Reds fan since the days of Crosley Field. I can recall going to games and hearing the fans gripe at Johnny Bench when he struck out, didn’t hit a home run, etc. He is in the Hall of Fame and those complainers are long forgotten.

Today the whiners are on social media. Now most of the players in the Major Leagues today won’t make it to the Hall of Fame. But in today’s environment, they are making millions to play the game. MILLIONS! The owners are making MILLIONS!

Do you think they care about the opinions of a few grumbling fans? Around 30,000 in the ballpark last night. Not bad. And ownership is going to care about the comments of a few naysayers? The players are going to continue to sign autographs and take pictures with the fans that come to see them. The game is going to continued to be played.

I think it is funny that those who wanted Dusty fired now want him back. But how many commenters have ever played or managed a ball game at even the minor league level? College? High School?

Oh, I know. You slept at the Holiday Inn last night.


Sounds like you did as well . Yea . I remember seeing you .

I am one who wanted Dusty fired and I DON’T want him back and evidently no other MLB team wants him either. I thought at the time and continue to feel that Price was not a good choice. The wonderful thing about commenting is that it gives an outlet for the fan that supplies the money for the salaries. As far as I know there is no requirement for a fan or commenter to MLB experience. OH, and by the way, I didn’t stay at a Holiday Inn last night.

Is the Cozart injury serious?

Cozart has knee injury and will go on DL.

I have seen many comments wanting Dusty back. And TV contracts provide more financial resources to pay the large contracts than the fans do. And how many baseball managers have you hired and fired?

Excuse me, but a majority of fans get to very few games during the season, including myself. But I watch each and every game as do many fans, which results in high market ratings for the Reds and therefore better TV contracts. Evidently there is ‘no place of grace’ for those who disagree with you.

And they know you are watching how? I thought the TV contracts were negotiated with the MLB, not the individual teams. So small market teams get the benefit of the market share from the larger teams.

Oh and now you know a little of how it feels when you are a player/manager/owner and you are giving it your best effort and all you hear is negativity from a small portion of the fan base.

Can the Reds be better? Sure they can. Can you and I give a better effort at our jobs? Sure we can. Do we want people on social media griping about our work ethic?

I think as a small market team, we would be better off with a strong farm system. We really can’t afford big long-term contracts. We can just play the best from our farm system for 6 years, let them go into free agency and keep rotating the crop. I think these younger players are hungrier and bring some excitement to the game.

I don’t know if Bryan is in over his head or not. But I know it’s no fun losing and frankly he shouldn’t have to motivate adults. I think their fundamentals are lacking, even though Thom said they work on them every day.

Baseball is not all about home runs. Bunting, running the bases, knowing the strike zone, hitting the cutoff man, pitching to the catcher’s glove, and just knowing where the ball is on the field are critical to success. And they should know all this stuff before they leave high school or certainly college.

If they fire Bryan after the all-star break, and it won’t be before, Riggleman is right there at third base. He did a fine job at Louisville from what I have heard.

But, I would be surprised if he can do any better this year.

You are dead wrong about your TV contract guesses early on in your post. I suspect that that isn’t unique in its wrongheadedness.

I haven’t seen too many posts wanting Dusty back. Theplaceofgrace sounds like an eternal optimist . That’s okay . We all have a right to post what we feel .

30% of major-league baseball revenue comes from gate receipts the other 70% comes from merchandise, TV, Internet etc.

Aren’t there are two sets of TV contracts one with major-league baseball for the All-Star game World Series etc. and then the team contract for the team games? Many teams now also are becoming part owners of the TV broadcasting companies that televise them.

I think you have shared before that revenue sharing in MLB as in the NFL would go a long way in leveling the playing field. Of course that won’t help teams that make long term contracts that hurt them in the long run.

Soooooo, back to Cozart…….

everyone is acting like thisis a one time thing ,believe me it isnt a good place for Phillips would be the Angels for Cron.

Cozart out for the season. Expected to have surgery on Monday and 9 months of rehab with torn ligaments, and tendon.

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