Game 56: Phillies at Reds



I can find no reference that DeJesus has ever appeared in Minor or Major Leagues as an oufielder. If I’m right, this makes no sense at all. If it is to get him playing time, have him sub for Cozart who is slashing .154/.185/.308.

Cozart – should say last 7 games.

Everybody should vote for BP for All Star! Hitting over 300 and amazing fielding…

Tired of Waiting. The two guys you wanted out of the game combined for 5 hits, 4 RBI, 2 HR. I’m just saying.

Isn’t hindsight a great thing.

I was at game last night, was good game. Those of you that say this team doesn’t care and isn’t trying are totally wrong. Glad the Reds kept Hoover. His new role will probably help stabilize the bullpen. Joey made beautiful play. Like DeJesus batting style. I do not understand Devin not having his surgery right now and allowing himself
Proper healing time. After watching clips of him in outfield just don’t see him as comfortable out there.

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