Game 55: Padres at Reds



Why has Schumaker started every game except one since Byrd has been out? He’s the worst defensively and can’t hit either, play Negrón because he can at least field his position, or call someone up.

Why ? Because he’s a Cardinal retread .

Last 7: Skip .091/.412/.182.. Had hoped to see Boesch get more of a chance. Unfortunately Negron can’t hit the broadside of a barn this year. Thought he was going to be more of an impact this year. Very disappointed in his performance.

I think if he had semi normal at bats he’d be solid, at least he can field. Schumaker and Boesch make every routine fly ball an adventure.

Heading to GABP tomorrow for my first game this year. Looking forward to walking in the park with all its lights and glitter and excitement. Perhaps will be lucky and see good game like today’s.

Hope you see a win. Stay dry and enjoy.

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