Rotation’s youth movement is here

When Jon Moscot debuted for the Reds in Friday’s loss to the Padres, he became the fourth rookie pitcher to start this season for the club. Moscot joined Michael Lorenzen, Anthony DeSclafani and the currently-on-the-DL Raisel Iglesias.

These pitchers will have to learn on the job while trying to give the Reds a chance to win games.

“We have tabbed these four guys that are with us now, even though Iglesias is on the disabled list, really as the future of our starting rotation (and) perhaps our bullpen,” Reds manager Bryan Price said on Saturday. “I think that sometimes you have to settle into the big league level before your role is defined but heading into this season we felt like all four of those that are up with us now, DeSclafani, Lorenzen, Iglesias and Moscot were destined to be part of our starting rotation. It’s come a little bit sooner then we anticipated but we embrace it and it’s a great opportunity to learn and get better. We’re not really going go baby steps, we’re going to ask these guys to go out there and do what we expect and that’s to keep themselves in games, compete, learn and pitch innings. So we’re all excited about it.

“It’s an interesting mix because we have more of a veteran group of position players and a much younger starting rotation then we anticipated. But having [Johnny] Cueto, [Mike] Leake and Homer Bailey here certainly provides some leadership for the young guys as well.”

Price was asked if the idea of a youth movement suggested the team was already looking ahead to next year instead of playing for 2015. He did not believe that to be the case.

“Well, we’re playing with what we have,” Price replied. “We knew that the limitations we had were that we had to make some roster adjustments for some payroll flexibility which led to some of the off-season moves. And it also created some opportunities for these young guys when needed to come in and pitch, but we knew this was our fall back. We are seeing our fall back position right now, and that’s seeing our young pitchers up here sooner then we anticipated. So we can look at it any way we choose to. I choose to look at it as a positive, as that these guys have a great veteran team behind them. We have one of the best defensive teams in the National League, if not in baseball, behind this group of young starting pitchers. We have to see that as a positive, not just for next year but for this year.”


Now let’s see what they get for Cueto, Leake (?) & Chapman. I would think that the bullpen would be a logical place to refill. And perhaps a good, young OF’r would be in order.

A rebuild may not be in the cards if article by Steve Adams from 6/5 on MLBTR has any validity. People are evidently knocking on the door but we may not be listening.
Here is excerpt pertaining to Reds:
•The Reds are currently reluctant to sell any pieces according to rivals who have reached out to the team. That may simply be due to the fact that the team is set to host the All-Star game this year and doesn’t want to begin a potential fire sale before that game. However, other execs have indicated to Heyman that owner Bob Castellini prefers to see how his big-money investments in Joey Votto and others will play out rather than commencing a rebuilding effort.

Normal operating procedure . A day late and a dollar short .

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Good luck selling season tickets next year. They won’t have the All-Star game to pimp to get fans to buy tickets. And losing Cueto,Leake,Possibly dealing Chapman. Yea I sure want to rush out to watch a last place team. NOT!!!!!!. They are making me the not even desire to watch them. Reminds me of 1983. GRRR.. Dear Mr. Bob Castelleni. You got what YOU wanted by getting the All-Star game. When will you finally do what it takes to give Reds fans what WE want- A World Series Championship!!!!!??????. To even sit back and be blind to all the issues of this team and think they still have a chance to get back in it. The bullpen is awful. We have hardly any top prospects for position players coming up that can make a impact. That is bad drafting and scouting in my opinion. Plus winning should be bred in the minds of prospects coming thru the system. Not sit back and pray every player clicks and has a career year. The Cardinals are A Way better organization. Why haven’t the Reds with a ex Cardinal owner And GM done that here completely??? The Cardinals go get help. The Reds sit back and do little or nothing. Remember losing Ludwick? Yep did nothing and handed Byrd to the Pirates. Now Byrd 2 years late is hurt.we see Skippy in LF. Oh Yah!!!! I completely am excited. NOT!!! You think the Cardinals will play a scrub instead of replacing Adam’s??? Nope. They will get help. And the Reds will be happy below .500. Sure will be embarrassing if the Reds are in last place at the All-Star break. I know let’s blame injuries. Because that’s why the rest of the team isn’t doing there job right? And that’s why we have one of the worst bullpens and bench in the majors!!!!!! Maybe the Reds will do something when fans quit buying tickets. Since doing the obvious is not in their plans to fix things. And why our GM refuses to make trades when he says “All In”…and pulls out his yearly no trade to help the team excuses book!!!!!. Yea fireworks and bobbleheads are nice. But, I want a World Series team. Not just looking at the Past in the Reds HOF.!!!!!!

Well said.

A baseball team has to play with its head in the game. When they don’t its a refection of the manager. Price does not have these guys attention. Someone explain to me how Mattheus comes off the waiver wire heep and ends up in todays game. This sends a message to the team. Badenhop our huge bullpen signing can’t get a sniff of the mound and deserves to be released. That sends messages too when they stink and its ok to stink. There’s a dysfunction in this organization. Come on Mr Castellini do something and let the firings begin. You fired Dusty after 90 wins. Now we have to accept horse hockey play. What gives.

Guy. It”s getting close to where I just don’t care anymore . Castillini really thinks we fans are stupid . It’s a sad organization .

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