No day-after issues for Cueto

It appears that Reds ace Johnny Cueto came through Tuesday’s six-inning, 93-pitch start against Philadelphia without any health setbacks. Cueto, of course, was pitching after he missed time with right elbow stiffness. Besides having no problems on the mound vs. the Phillies, an important was no issues the day after on Wednesday.

“He looks good. He came in, he was bubbly,” Reds manager Bryan Price said. “He hadn’t played catch yet but there were no signs of any issues. He wasn’t complaining of any type of soreness. I’m sure he’ll have his regular post pitching soreness. What we’re hoping is that there is not what he felt after the start in Kansas City, which was considerably more. i think that was something he was able to notice the next day without throwing.”

Cueto’s next start is scheduled for Sunday vs. the Padres.


This era’s pitchers are a totally different breed. They must be handled with kid gloves. Are they sore after a start? What feels out of kilter? Etc., etc. In the not-so-long-ago past, you rarely heard about these things. Players simply worked their way through any ups and downs. And those guys had MANY more complete games, or near complete games, than today’s crowd. What happened in the interim? Too much pitching at younger ages? While people have gotten generally bigger and stronger, that hasn’t translated into the pitcher’s make-up.

This guys are worth millions of dollars now, you handle them differently for that reason alone.

Leake had no business going out to the mound in the 9th.

Agree. At least get him out after the 1st hit. Another defeat snatched from the jaws of victory. Another game lost to the Cardinals and Pirates.

Price has to play this team to W, not to try and let Leake get his lst complete shut out of his career. To him, getting his players meaningless awards is far more important than ensuring a W. Leake entered the 9th with 112 pitches; we say what chasing a pitcher’s record did to Cueto. I’m done, Price has got to go; I am sick and tired of even watching these guys on MLB…when leake gave up two hits in the 9th that that may have ignited the Phillies after winning the last nights game from behind. Imagine, winning 4-1 and 4-0 against the #29th power ranked team. You have got to be kidding! Price has got to go!

Guys. I think it’s time we realize that the Reds are not going to the playoffs . There’s no need to worry about how many games they lose to the Cardinals or anyone else .

Good lord, the Reds are embarrassing.

If this team had no bad luck it wouldn’t have any luck at all.

I don’t consider 1-20 RISP and 14 LOB bad luck.

Hell of a point. That’s just flat out terrible execution and putting together the worst lineup we possibly could.

Luck had absolutely nothing to do with this game; luck is for players that try to avoid accountability. Price and the Reds let this game slip through their hands, plain and simple. I am embarrassed to root for this team. I have never rooted for a team that when they enter the 8th, I start to cringe and watch closer, hoping they don’t cave…
again. We can’t keep playing, game after game, and making up ridiculous excuses day after day, the very next day. Price has to go…and now. You bring Chapman in in the bottom of the 9th and have some back ups tossing in the BP just in case. This game of baseball has one goal…win the ballgame, period. Not risk the game to see if we can pad a starting pitchers numbers, or milestones, etc. Price is notorious for this. He should know better, none of the best managers in baseball worry day in and day out about such soft ball lot milestones. For christ sakes, he already pitched 112 pitches! I’m outa here for awhile…

Yeah – I can see the frustration in the choice of wording…nevertheless I agree with your summation…

Anyone else worried about Chapman? For me, it’s the walks more than the hits. Not the same as at the start of the season.

I posted a week ago that Chapman looked hurt .

I wonder if it isn’t psychological. Doesn’t know under Price when or how he is going to be utilized. For example, last night he was warming up to pitch the 9th, when Votto hit the homerun he sat down, then had to get back up, rush to finish warmup and get in the game. Hard to get the mental edge under the circumstances. Also, Price said before the season that Chapman would pitch more than an inning in a game. How many times has that happened while we have lost multiple games by the BP performance in the 8th. I personally believe that many players have lost their focus due to Price’s erratic management style.

Good point . If he’s already warming up , put him in . I don’t understand why it has to be “SAVE” situation for him to pitch . Heck , he only pitches 50 innings a year .

Still think he’s hurt after last night? He’s fine.

Probably mad.

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