Game 50: Reds at Phillies

Phillips 4

Votto 3

Frazier 5

Bruce 9

Pena 2

Byrd 7

Cozart 6

Cueto 1

Hamilton 8


Only thing getting me back on board for this year is a 10 game winning streak here. LOL

Will continue to raise the issue of Hamilton not leading off and worse yet batting 9th. After listening to Pete Rose’s take on this issue, while being interviewed during Sunday’s game, I’ll stick with it. I’ll take Rose’s opinion over Price’s any day. I know Larussa did this occassionally under certain circumstances, but typical of Price, it becomes everyday and always, like BP pitchers going a whole inning without anyone else warmed up just in case. I remember Rose commenting last year on the disservice that Dusty and the Reds did to Mes in 2013. Ditto for Hamilton in 2015.

There is no question that when Hamilton leads off and gets on, he completely disrupts the opposition. Batting him 9th reduces his ABs and when he gets on, he reduces the chances for a loss and increases the chances for a win. Nobody on the team has his speed, heck maybe no one in all of MLB. Price needs to dedicate anyone that can help him with all the batting essentials in order to increase his AB, not reduce them; first and foremost…teach him to bunt. If not mistaken, he has 2 bunt hits in 175 AB. Hitting Hamilton 9th will not hide Hamilton, but it will reduce the chances of winning tight ball games. I don’t think I have ever seen so many long faces when he scores on a fly ball to shallow outfield and a perfect throw home is made. Heck I remember when he scored on a pop up to 2B, 15′ behind 2nd base! If Price assists Hamilton on OBP, he could easily score over 100 R, depending on the rest of the lineup. As is he’s projected to score 86 R. Price appears to have adjusted his thinking on having a ‘reliever-per-inning’, regardless of how the reliever does…maybe he will rethink this issue as well.

Correction: It was Bench not Rose who commented on Mesaraco. My mistake.

It’s idiotic to not give that guys as many at bats as possible each and every game.

I wish I had some time to research a statistic. And that would be:
Taking out Hamilton’s statistics in the leadoff position, what are the overall statistics for the #1 hole for the other players who have filled that position. I think it would be an eye opener. I suspect we have not gained anything by moving him. Could be wrong.

Hmmm, how about when Votto is in the two hole. It seems to me all the issues came when Price decided to move Votto to three and Cozart up to 2. Hamilton feel big time and so did Votto and i think Cozart. It was a decision that made no sense and I may be a huge coaching mistake that caused this team to go into such a hitting drought. Oh and then he moves Votto back to 2 hole and Phillips in leadoff and they start hitting again. Would love that stat of Votto in the 2 hole compared to which ever leadoff hitter.

Good points.

Live in Philly and headed to the game with my sons tonight. I will be the guy getting hearing boos in a reds hat.

Hope the rain holds off for you. Go Reds.

Sorry guys but I like Hamilton where he is, he is hitting better now there than in lead off this season. Teaching him to bunt which they have tried to do is like teaching Bruce to hit to the opposite field LOL.

Votto hitting this season….batting:
2nd in lineup……………………….3rd in lineup
23 G………………………………………..24 G
84 AB………………………………………92 AB
8 HR…………………………………………1 HR
18 RBI………………………………………6 RBI

Hamilton’s plate appearances:
Batting 9th – 3.62 per G
Batting lst – 4.58 per G

So what does Hamilton bat when Votto is in the 2 hole and Hamilton lead off?

Phillips hitting this season…batting:
lst – 6 G, 27 AB, .185/.185/.333/.519
5th – 9 G, 33 AB, .394/.444/.394/.838
6th – 9 G, 32 AB, .281/.361/.500/.861

The good news is that Hamilton performed at the plate today:
He bunted twice, once for a single in the 2nd, and once for a
sacrifice squeeze play no less in the 4th. Both successful bunts!
Then, he grounded out twice, once in the 6th on a fielders choice
and once in the 8th. His line was 3-0-1-1; very good game. In
addition he made a 15′ sliding catch in left center; his fielding has
never been a question.
The bad news is that spit the bit on a 4-1 lead against one of the
worst teams in MLB; our BP, once again, our achilles.

Snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Heartbreaker. Lost ground to the Cards.

The worst part of this game is that Jumbo gave up the two run HR to a .194 hitter with a SLG % of .339 that has hit a total of 3 HR in his entire career; the third one was hit several rows down the LF line tonight! That, in my opinion, is a reliever that wasn’t very careful. And, it’s happened too many times so far this season. Sometimes they all look like they are just ‘throwing’ rather than pitching. Cingrani is hot and cold; tonight he threw ice cubes.

Byrd HBP fractured wrist…
The X-ray revealed the fracture. It is not known how long Byrd might be out.
“To what degree the injury is yet to be known; I don’t know if it’s a [disabled-list-requiring injury],” Reds manager Bryan Price said. “I’d guess it is, but I don’t know that for sure. We’re going to wait until we hear from the doctors and they read the X-rays and they make that decision. I would not anticipate having him available, not in this series, and there’s a possibility he could be DL’d here, too.”

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