Cueto’s agent on ace’s trade readiness 

Reds starter Johnny Cueto’s agent, Bryce Dixon, was on MLB Network Radio on SiriusXM Sunday and discussed the possibility of the ace being traded this summer. Cueto can be a free agent at season’s end. 

Here is a portion of Dixon’s comments:

“I’ve told him to just be ready in case he does get traded. This is his arbitration extension that we signed so he didn’t get a no-trade clause in this deal so to the extent of what type of power do we have as far as where he goes? That’s up to the Reds. They’ve made no indications to Johnny that they want to trade him but, reading the tea leaves, if they fall out of contention it seems to make sense from their end because if they ride the season out with him and don’t make the playoffs then they are stuck with a compensation pick. And from where I sit I think they can probably get more than that on the trade market.”

Here is some of the audio:


Good-bye, Johnny. Great having you in Cincy for a few yrs. Too bad this is a small market team.

And a poorly run organization !

I believe the whole elbow thing was fabricated by his agent because of the amount of innings he has thrown and how much Price had extended him to try to get him wins. His agent is just trying to protect him. Is that a good guess Mark ?

haha thats funny…

Ok so package Cueto with Bailey to the Yankees for a couple of lesser prospects. Then we can try and resign Cueto to Baileys contract in the off season. Will that work? No Cueto would want too much… Bummer. Its a good deal for the Yankees though, since Bailey is still a good pitcher and entering his prime when he gets back from surgery. Could only hope. It would be amazing to pair Cueto with the 3 rookies and Stephenson for the next 5 or 6 years instead of Bailey. I like Bailey but a little concerned about his leadership.

No team in the right mind would pick up Bailey or his hefty contract given that he is in the middle of an injury DL. He’s owed a great deal of money for the next 5 1/2 years (through 2020) although he has a $5m buyout in the final year. The Reds unfortunately or fortunately chose Bailey over Cueto when they gave Bailey his heavy-duty contract, and there is little to any chance that they could possibly keep both…then there’s Leake to deal with. Of course, we aren’t in Castellini’s head and with the Reds renegotiating their cable contract next season, more money will be available in the future. What will bear on any decision will be the kids coming up through the ranks, and these three that are chucking for us now are very impressive coming out of the chute. Again, we really need to see how teams do with them after they see them a few times. As always, lot’s of questions, few answers.

Talking about Bailey, Cueto and the Reds…Bailey’s contract is very healthy:
2015 – $10m
2016 – $18m
2017 – $19m
2018 – $21m
2019 – $23m
2020 – $25m ($5m buyout)
It’s been rumored that Cueto will probably receive a contract similar to Max Scherzer’s insane contract; his runs through 2021 with a number of years of
deferred salary. However starting next season he will make $22.1m for a few years and then it gets truly unreal. In any event, Bailey’s is relatively close to that number for the next few seasons, and if Cueto is earnest in his thought about giving the Reds a hometown discount, we actually might have been able to sign Cueto for what we are paying Bailey. Then again, we have a Leake(y) salary problem; he makes $9.775m this season and is a FA next season. We haven’t even discussed Mr. Chapman or what he could bring in the open market (ARB eligible – 2016, FA – 2017). What is a bit exciting if one is able to hurdle losing some key components is that we have some truly incredible talent to trade, and if prospects is what we go after, they should be off the charts.

If we sign Leake, Chapman, or Cueto then I think the reds are making a mistake. Unless they find a way to sign Cueto in the off season after they trade him and only if they can alleviate money from Bailey or somewhere to match the amounts they need to pay Cueto. In other words not increase payroll. I would not sign Leake at all. Get what we can and move on. Same with Chapman, I like him but not worth for what he does. We could get quite the prospects for Chapman now. SD took on a lot of dead money for Atlantas closer Kimbrel. And Upton could do nothing for them. Why wouldnt we be able to trade Bailey who is at least a good player compared to BJ Upton. Its conceivable that we could trade to reduce salary in teh same way with Bailey. Heck Atlanta got prospects in that deal too… What a rip off.

If the call General Manager of the Reds (Walt “do nothing to help the Team” Jocketty.
He will do nothing or something real stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Homer Bailey, a $10 to 20 million a year pitcher–what a laugh. Leake is back to being the old Leake, inconsistent. REDS need hitters and pitchers, but they first need a GM.

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