Game 49: Nationals at Reds



Byrd is out of the lineup today. Interesting that Byrd is batting only .205 yet quietly he has10 HR and 25 RBI (only Frazier has more HR/RBI); projected to hit 34 HR and 84 RBI. Very productive at the plate for a .205 hitter. Frazier, Byrd and Bruce should all have 25+ HR by season end; not sure about Votto.

Votto seems to driving through the pitch better and getting more power in his swing. Hope for 3 in a row today.

Votto is projected to hit 30 HR and 81 RBI, but while now hitting 2nd his prolific .378 OBP is all important. Besides, now batting 2nd his HRs will be sans multiple RBI. We have the other 3 guys to do the heavy lifting. Hopefully we see Votto score a great deal, although he is projected to step on home plate only 70 times; he has scored over 100 in 3 different seasons. If he does hit over 25 HRs this season, I wouldn’t be depressed.Can’t remember when we had 4 guys that hit 25 HR or more in a season. When I get some time I’ll snoop around and pull some stats.

When Griffey was playing there were 3 Reds with 25 or more HR. And when Bench came up in the early 1970’s there were 3 Reds that completed the feat. But, I had to go back to 1956 to find the last year the Reds had 4 players to hit 25 HR or more; but instead there were 5 Reds that did it that year:
Robinson – 38
Post – 36
Kluszeski – 35
Bell – 29
Bailey – 28

That was a good bunch of guys I love to following them that year. They hit 221 homers that year and led the league even Jablonski on third had 15. Temple and Mac at short were the low men on homer pole that year but they helped in so many other ways. Fun team to watch.

Thanks Neb. Brought back memories. Remember Bailey having one of the widest stances for a batter that I have seen. Agree with Hoosiervirg that it was a fun team to watch.

PLEASE REDS FRONT OFFICE:: The Reds are 13 gaames out now. Some one with some authority has got to stand up and get a General Manager for the team that will do something to help the team Jocketty sure hasn’t. The outfield is a mess. Bruce cannot only NOT hit, but his defense leaves a lot to be desired of late. Left Field is wide open. No one on the current team has stepped up and proven he can play LF. De Jesus was brought up, but doesn’t play, just sits. Why? Why not bring up Phil Ervin and give him some REAL playing time along with some others, both outfielders and pitchers? Play them, not sit them. The pitching is a mess, especially the bullpen, it’s embarrassing to watch them. The team is already 13 games out, why not do something NOW to help the team. OR are the owners just going to sit until no fans show up at the park. Pay attention to the fans, all of us are not stupid as we can tell this team overall, stinks. It begins with the GM….Some one in the Reds organization has got to get on the ball and help the team, if for no other do it for the fans that are supporting the team and bringing the owners in a lot of money. Why wait? Help the team NOW!

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