Why Hoover, not Chapman?

While the Reds win on Friday worked out in how the bullpen was used with J.J. Hoover getting the eighth-inning strikeout with the bases loaded to escape the jam, the seemingly everyday question of “why not Chapman?”  still came. Bryan Price revealed Saturday that Chapman wasn’t available for more than an inning.

“We knew going into it that it wasn’t going to be a multiple-inning situation for Chappy,” Price said. “I’ll leave it at that just from what we knew going into yesterday’s game on where he was. Under different circumstances, it would have been Chapman in that situation. We knew he was going to be up once, and in once yesterday. I knew that going into the game or that would have had a different flavor to it in the eighth for sure.”

Chapman got the save with one hit allowed in the two-strikeout ninth. Bryce Harper hit his 102 mph fastball up the middle for a one-out single.


Here’s a shocker for you, I thought Price handled the BP very well. Hoover has been doing well and Chapman has been rather unChapman like recently.

Mark…good stuff today, much appreciated! Neb

Hold the phone…losing 5-2 in the 6th is nearly an automatic-L for the Reds. You mean to tell me that after ‘milk-toast’ finally had a closed door meeting that the Reds have now won 2 G against a major competitor and late? Well, I know when we need to give credit where credit is due; congratulations to Price. He is managing the BP as it should have all season long and the lineup is hitting as it should have as well. Maybe we can make this season a bit more interesting. Great two games by the Reds; the Reds we all wanted to see this entire season. Go Reds!

Reminding me of the first 4 games of the season. Hope it continues. Great game.

Hope nobody needs a. Day off !

With 2 out and 2 on in 6th, Iglesias pitched to 8 hitter instead of pitching around to get to Gonzalez who has no hits. Price remains a BOZO.

Hope nobody needs a rest today !!!!!

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