Votto’s found wallet, and swing

In Friday’s 5-2 Reds win, Joey Votto’s eighth homer of the season in the bottom of the first inning gave his team a 1-0 lead. It was also Votto’s first homer since April 28. After the game, I asked him about connecting for a long ball for the first time and his response was unique for sure.

I wasn’t getting where it was going at first, and then it came together.

“It’s been a while,” Votto said. “A couple of weeks ago, I lost my wallet. I have a green card in there and my driver’s license, credit card and cash and everything.  I didn’t know where it was for like two weeks. You ever lose your wallet? It’s so annoying, right? Then finally, I found it. It was in my car, one of the door compartments. That’s how I feel with my swing – I finally found my wallet.”

As for the incident with Bryce Harper, where he had words with the right fielder after his hit-by-pitch in the seventh inning, Votto sidestepped discussing it.

“I don’t remember. I don’t what you’re talking about,” Votto said smiling. “I really like him as a hitter. What a great player. I bet on Bryce. Man, he’s doing great.”


Hopefully Joey DOES NOT LOSE his wallet again!!!!! Reds need him to get on base any way he can, but preferably by a hit. I’m a Vintage Votto fan, but he needs to be more productive if this team is going to go anywhere. It’s not just about Votto, but Frazier, Phillips, Byrd and so on so on so on. They need a FIRE lit or how about stick of dynamite??? I want to be excited not frustrated about the REDS. Got 2 tickets to All Star game and certainly want few reds to be in line up.
GO REDS!!!!!

Lost my wallet didn’t find it had to get everything new WOW it wasn’t fun then a year later it came in the mail money was gone and 5 silver dimes from the year I was born

He shouldn’t say things like “I bet on Bryce” given how that could be misunderstood and possibly investigated.

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