Game 48: Nationals at Reds

Phillips 4

Votto 3

Frazier 5

Bruce 9

Pena 2

Byrd 7

Cozart 6

Iglesias 1

Hamilton 8


Send BABY BRYCE HARPER back to his crib with his binkie :\\
There was an incident year or so ago with him, and again, he acted like spoiled brat.
I made my mind up then I just did not like him.. Congrats that you are great ball player, but it sucks for you that u lack what it takes to be a great person that is respected even by your peers. Shame on you!
Kick some Washington butts and send them home.

Amen. A JERK comes to mind. Some elite players think they deserve special treatment. Being hit by a pitch is part of the game that is making him a wealthy man. Accept it and don’t act like a bully 12 year old who’s going to make someone pay. Be a man, better yet take your ball and go home to mommy.

Don Drysdale once said that if a batter was hit in the ‘numbers’, it was no mistake. Of course, having a guy on 2nd when your intent was to BB Harper underlines this thought, after all why toil away at 4 pitches when you can use just one and make a statement? I believe it was intentional; watch out for the game today…bench clearing hasn’t been seen by the Reds in quite some time.

2 more today. Tomorrow could be wild.

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