Pena on three rookies in rotation

Manager Bryan Price revealed that Jason Marquis was out of the Reds rotation and headed to the bullpen. With Johnny Cueto not ready until possibly next week in Philadelphia, the rotation now features three rookies for the time being in Anthony DeSclafani, Raisel Iglesias and Michael Lorenzen, who will start on Sunday. You can read more on that on

Reds catcher Brayan Pena was asked about having three young pitchers in the starting five.

“We knew that was coming sooner or later because those guys they have so much talent,” Pena said. “They really deserve that shot but it’s going to be exciting. It’s going to be exciting for all of us but especially for them. It’s one of those series they really have to go out there and do what they do and that’s competing. I know they’re ready for the challenge and we trust them and we believe in what they can do so it’s going to be exciting to see and hopefully we can get away with a nice performance for them and a good series.”

Pena likes how the three pitchers handle themselves.

“I really like the way they go about their business, how emotionally they encourage themselves,” he said. “They are very similar, all of them they like to compete, all of them they prepare very well and one thing all of them have in common is that they believe in what they can do. They believe that they belong in the big leagues.

Every time they have the baseball in their hands it’s all about giving 100 percent and me personally that’s the only thing that I can ask for from them.”


Nice to hear Pena’s encouraging comments. But the three are all rookies… it looks like ’15 will be a developmental year for the Reds. Seriously doubt if they will come up with enough to make the playoffs. That’s just reality. If Cueto is dealt later this season, and if Leake doesn’t make an adjustment or two, 2014 could even be better than 2015. Sorry, sports fans.

Thanks for the insight Don’t know if we could have figured this one out without you! You probably dream of being on with Olberman!

Lol .

Price rotating the BP…be still my heart.

Great win . Price used the BP well tonight. With the other 2 kids pitching the next 2, and with limiting their pitch counts, the BP will be getting a workout. Looking forward to seeing our ‘new blood’ develop.

Yes, good to see new blood in there, especially given the opportunity due to our poor playing recently. What harm could it do. The real truth will be when the opposition sees these guys for the 2nd and 3rd time around; then we’ll see where the proverbial ‘tire hits the road’. In any event, we have to go through this audition period in order to move to the next phase, or know what we got for future trades.
I am not inferring a complete overhaul, but I think some obvious tinkering of the roster is in order. We know that Cueto isn’t long for this team; making $10m is one thing, making $22m-$25m is quite something different. Using him for 120+ innings wasn’t very smart as his injury followed that ill conceived usage; especially when we will be shopping him in July. Things will get very exciting relative to new blood in the coming months ahead; again, tinkering versus wholesale trades. High on our list will be BP help, imo. We still don’t have it set and our ERA is over 4 there. Yet and still, it is becoming more solid as the season unfolds. Gonna get interesting.

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