Game 47: Nationals at Reds



Cozart’s BA has dropped over 70 points since being made leadoff. Down to .260. For last 7 games heis .059/.150/.059/.209 with 1 RBI.. I guess he will eventually have a 2/3 or 3/4 game, steal a base, drive in a run and Price will be able to think the change was a success.
In the meantime Hamilton has his BA up to .221 and heading in the right direction. In last 7 games he is .278/.278/.278/.556 and 3 RBIs and bats 9th. He loses approximately 1 AB per game and the opportunity to utilize his speed.
I just wonder when the experiment will end.

A equally valid conclusion could also be that Hamilton is batting better because he is batting where he is. Like I have said before don’t really care how fast he is because he can’t steal first base. If he isn’t on base that speed is of no value except on defense.

You’re correct, it ‘could’ be equally valid. Regardless, I was glad to see Cozart come back to life again. Hope it continues. Great win.

On a positive note I am glad to see Marquis moved to bullpen. About time. Hope he doesn’t produce a 6+ ERA there.

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