Game 46: Rockies at Reds



Winning Streak? Let’s go Reds!

Let’s see if Reds can get 2nd win since taking Hamilton out of leadoff. 1-11 since the change.

Leake’s worth is on a downward spiral. Do we have another pitcher with an ailment that has not been disclosed? If not, it’s hard to understand someone like Leake losing his mojo in consectutive multiple starts. 9.0 ERA for today.

It’s becasue our management sucks and morale is at an all time low in that clubhouse. Leake has been bad, but what pitcher off his caliber isn’t in stretches? Hamilton not leading off is idiotic. You want that guy getting as many at bats a game as possible. Something is wrong with Joey, he’s hurt again, no doubt about it. Talk about looking bad right now, he looks awful! They play like they don’t give two you know whats about being out there. The players seems to finally be realizing exactly what management is up to, and they are starting to not give a crap…I can’t blame them. I mean is it not obvious that Jason Marquis shoudln’t even be a double A starter? Now it’s just a going through the motions type thing for the players. It’s bad! Do what I did, and just stop watching.

Bingo !! Management showed the whole world last year at the all star break they don’t give a damn !! Last year’s team battled their tails off to be in the race and this worthless owner and GM did nothing to improve that team . It’s one lie after another. All they did was play the injury card . Hell , every team has injuries and the well run organizations find a way to win anyway . It’s a shame ownership has little or no respect to it’s fan base . Screw the all star game and give us a team that is at least competitive.

Agree about Votto. I commented on 5/21:

Might be wrong (wouldn’t be the first time) but I’ve been watching Votto’s swing (on telecast not live) and it looks different than at the beginning of the season. He was getting his hips turned and driving off his left leg and hitting with power. It appears to me that he isn’t swinging that way now. Very little hip turn and not using his left side. I remember in a game early in the season when he slid into 2nd base and stood and kind of slumped over. I thought then he might have hurt himself. For what it’s worth (which probably isn’t much), I think Votto is playing hurt and both he and the Reds are mum about it.

Pace of winning:
Current pace of .413 W% would result in 67W-95L
@ .500 W% – 77W-85L (58W-58L rest of way)
@ .550 W% – 83W-79L (64W-52L rest of way)
@ .600 W% – 89W-73L (70W-46L rest of way)
The Cards (.652) and Dodgers (.622) are winning at an over .600 W% clip.
Of course the Reds R differential of -37 would have to be reversed
(Cards +58 and Dodgers +54).
In summary: I don’t personally believe that we can play much better than
.500 ball; a lost and soon to be forgotten season, with or without our nucleus
of players.

Looks like the expert’s prediction for this team was anywhere from 74-78 wins was right on.

Uncanny…they settled on 78.5 W this season in Las Vegas future bets.
Every year I have to scratch my head and think…’how’d they know?’

Votto still struggling…over last 10 games…
7 for last 39 – .179, no HR, no RBI

He’s either hurt or disheartened by this worthless owner and management team . I bet it’s very difficult to get motivated to play when you know ownership and management have thrown in the towel .

Or both.

All-Star voting as of May 27th…
lB – Gonzalez, LA
2B – Gordon, Miami
3B – Carpenter, Cards
SS – Peralta, Cards
C – Molina, Cards
OFs – Harper, Nats, Holiday, Cards, Stanton, Miami

!/2 are Cardinals. Speaking of which they lost their first baseman Matt Adams for 3-4 months due to injury. We’ll see how it affects them. Pretty big blow, but I expect them to deal with it. Don’t think they’ll put a band-aid on it. Skinny is they will go to marketplace to find replacement.

Hamilton – CF
Votto – 1B
Frazier – 3B
Bruce – RF
Byrd – LF
Phillips – 2B
Cozart – SS
Pena – C
Price…feel free to cut n’ paste.

Unfrigging real…Cards score 2 in bottom of 9th; win 4-3 over Az.

Lost ground to the Cards and the Pirates. I think we are 6 games out of 3rd and 4 out of last. We were 1 game ahead of Pirates a little over a week ago.

This offense is soo bad. How do they not score or hit more against those three pitchers from Colorado that everyone was killing. None of them had an ERA below 5 one had an ERA above 6 in AAA. This is nuts and sooo bad…

I think MikeWelsh hit the nail on the head . I think you see the players starting to reflect the attitude of ownership and upper management. They just don’t care . Sure, they want to do well and win but when ownership and management continue to lie and show an attitude of indifference , it has to be hard for them to get motivated . I can hardly wait to see what Reds’ fans response will be if the owner and (or) management has the guts to be introduced at any all star game festivities .

If they couldn’t hit Rockies pitching, what do you expect them to do against the Nationals. I don’t think it will be pretty.

Yes, I was looking at that this morning…
@ Nats for 3
@ Phillies for 3
Padres for 3
Phillies for 3
Nats will be very tough; Harper is going nuts for them…
5 HR, 10 RBI over last 10 games. However, we then hit
a soft patch with the next two teams. Will we play up to
the potential of our talent level, or play MTB (milk toast ball)?

@Neb. Where are the Marlins and the Brewers when you need them.

TOW…lol…not so sure we even want to play them…right now…

Well, this is the first time that I heard that Price held a “closed door meeting” with the team. Not too sure it was a Sparky meeting, or a Davey Johnson meeting, or a Lou
Piniella meeting or even a Jack McKeon meeting. This meeting is “mums the word” meeting; nobody discusses whatever. Well, let’s see what shakes out of Price’s first,
face-to-face meeting with the team tomorrow, against the Nats. It would be nice to think that with our talent we could hold the Nats to no more than 3 R and we go batty
(get it…’batty’) and score 7 R just for the fun of it…final score…Reds 7, Nats 3. Or, was the meeting nothing more than milk-toast and cookies and a discussion of ouches, nicks and pulls. Who knows? Only the players and Price; the writer boys known as the media were kept off their ledgers, after all it’s only their jobs. Let’s hope Price set a fire under each and every Red, however I just can’t see him getting that…’listened to’. Let’s hope I am (and others) are completely wrong and he turns the team around on a dime; play over .500 and take us to the promised land…………………………………………..
and then I woke up…

Is Trader Jack still around. Bring that guy in. I wish we never let him go.

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