Game 45: Rockies at Reds 



Cozart was batting in the .320 range when he was put in the #1 hole. He went 1-17 and has been on a downward spiral ever since. In the last 7 games he is slashing .053/.095/.053/.148. I agree with resting Phillips as it’s obvious his turf toe is bothering him. But why not put Hamilton back at #1 or even Negron. Constantly changing the batting order is not going to turn things around on its own.

What is so obvious to the normal fan seems to elude the “intellectual ” Uncle Bryan .

When Hamilton returns to #1 and Cozart returns to #7 or #8, I will be very happy with this lineup. Our best hitter on the team should be batting 2nd. The sad aspect to this lineup is that it will probably change tomorrow or the next day. A couple of days ago I looked at the lineup changes, I think we are around 23 different lineups save the pitchers.

Why Votto in better in the #2 hole? Contact. The two-hole is the spot of a contact hitter with good bat control, with premiums placed on the ability to hit behind the runner, ability to sacrifice bunt, and has the ability to generally move the lead-off man along. Remember when Hamilton was getting on in the #1 hole and what Votto did. Hamilton creates havoc on the basepads and Votto was a terrific threat in the #2 spot. Unfortunately for the Reds, Price used the #2 hole for a ‘re-building psyche/BA’ spot for the entire team. One mantra that Price never heeds…’don’t mess with it if it’s working’.

Well you know Dusty he loves to use the 2nd spot for the worst hitter… I still dont get this…


Yep. I don’t disagree but I’d still like to see Votto in the Leadoff spot just see what would happen .

Tweet from Mark…
Cueto’s agent, Bryce Dixon, said the reds ace told him the MRI revealed good results, no tears.

Good news. Need Cueto healthy and pitching well so we can get some value for him after AS game.

Have to agree, 100%.

Of all the catalysts on the team…I am most concerned with Frazier. He has tremendous ability and superb power. Not quite sure what to make of his plate
presence when it counts…with none on he hits .287/.356, yet with men in scoring position he hits .200/.326.

Haha sounds like you found our new leadoff guy. Did you forward this info on to the Reds front office? Who knows what they use to determine lineups.

Hey Castillini. Your all star stadium is jam packed tonight . It’s a preview of what’s in store for the rest of the year . I bet the Dayton Dragons have more people at one of their games .

It’s one of the four nights per season that they let in the dogs.

Lol .

Lorenzen can chuck! He has a 2.35 ERA in 23 big league innings as a starter this season.

Lorenzen was awesome. Chapman made it interesting. Finally a win. Now let’s make it 2 in a row.
On a side note, I didn’t understand Rockies not walking Skip to set up possible DP or force out.

I don’t think Chapman is 100 percent healthy . May be wrong . I often am .

I am not trying to pee on the parade but I must. He is outperforming his numbers. His strikeout to walk ratio is beyond horrid and will blow up in his face at a point and bring him crashing back down to earth. Makes me wonder if the organization is planning on using Lorenzen and Iglesias as a platoon as starting pitchers for this year. Now, I am not saying Lorenzen cannot be good over the career but this year, I would temper expectations. Here is hoping he can prove me wrong. The same goes for Iglesias.

Agreed that almost all rookie years are fools gold. But I am not worried about a kid and walks. Most rookies struggle with too many walks. I am more concerned with how the ball comes off the bat on Lorenzen and he does not give up a lot of hard hit balls. That is a telling stat that we may have something. Unlike Marquis who has to have save after save on hard hit balls. I really want want to see what these kids have and continue to build up their innings. I hope they bring up Stephenson and Moscot when they trade Leake and Cueto. We could have an all rookie starting five. Maybe the first time ever done.

Oh did anyone notice how bad the offense was against a guy who could get no one out in AAA? This is getting sad. We can lose just as many games with a bunch of rookies out there. I would rather lose a 100 games get the first pick and get these kids ready for next year then sit in this state of confusion we seem to be in not knowing what direction to go in. I cant wait to see what offensive players we can get for Cueto, Leake, Bird, Bruce, Cozart and Chapman. I would try to trade Frazier but I think his leadership is difficult to come by. I am also worried that Votto will break down with Bruce gone since they are apparently best friends. Its goofy but they are paying Votto a lot of money and we have to keep Bruce around its not the worst thing ever. He can at least play defense.

Ohhh, thank goodness…we stayed only 11 1/2 out today…whewww!

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