Hamilton OK after slide

Reds CF Billy Hamilton is not in the lineup Sunday, one day after he banged up his left shoulder and wrist sliding headfirst into the foot of Indians shortstop Jose Ramirez while being caught stealing. Hamilton said after the game he expected to play Sunday and would be fine.

Bryan Price did not start Hamilton and went with Brennan Boesch in center field. It did not have to do with Saturday’s incident or lingering soreness, he explained.

“I think he’s fine,” Price said. “I planned on getting [Kristopher] Negron in there before the series started. And I ended up where I figured I would give him that spot at short and give Boesch and [Skip] Schumaker a chance to play a couple of days in a row and see if they can provide us with a little bit of a spark – two guys who haven’t gotten many starts along with Negron.”


Fire price hes not a manager ur losing games with bad decisions., worst manager reds have had. Batting order changes everyday ,this is not little league !

I am afraid that Rome is burning…
* we have lost 8 in a row; 7 was the most in 2014
* we are 9 1/2 games behind the Cards
* we are 6 games back of the WC leaders
* we are #28 in R
* we are #27 in RBI
* we are #30 in all of the following categories with RISP:
AVG – .180, OBP – .279, SLG – .309, OPS – .588
In summary, we are quickly becoming one of the worst teams
in all of MLB, led most notably by our discipline at the plate/overall
hitting (.236 – #26), followed by our BP (5.03 ERA – #30).

OK, so all is not lost but it’s clearly misplaced. The team as it is now cannot move forward – some thing or things need to be changed. What realistic changes can the Reds make that would likely produce better results? That is, can the Reds make changes that don’t simply blow it up a la the Astros while we wait seasons for better days?

On another topic – a relief pitcher was caught with a substance on his arm which he was or wasn’t using to doctor the ball. He was suspended 8 games (5% of the season, or approximately 3/4 of an NFL game). MLB didn’t spend months investigating, didn’t spend $5 million investigating, didn’t produced a report with the investigator’s name on it, in short, didn’t act like victims of the crime of the century perpetrated by the worst human being on the planet. The result? The story is in and out of the news in a normal cycle. By contrast, the NFL covers itself in excrement and then punishes players according to how much it stinks. I will never support the NFL as long as Pope Hubris I is commissioner and the player conduct policy is in place. Baseball is a haven of tranquility by comparison, and the games are all that really matter. I’ll stick with baseball (until the NL adopts the DH).

By Charlie Wilmoth [May 24, 2015 at 10:32pm CDT]

The struggling Reds are hosting this year’s All-Star Game, but the possibility of bad P.R. shouldn’t prevent them from dismissing manager Bryan Price, Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports writes. Rosenthal notes that owner Bob Castellini likes Price and Jocketty and is wary of an upheaval before the break. But the Reds have played poorly lately, and Price’s occasional bursts of odd behavior (including an infamous profane tirade against the media a few weeks ago) raise questions about whether he’s well suited for the job. The organization has third base coach Jim Riggleman, Triple-A manager Delino DeShields and perhaps roving instructor Barry Larkin as potential replacements. Here’s more from the National League.

To me it seems preposterous to delay any decision based on All Star game. Talk about overkill. Sure A S game good for the city – but other than that, who cares? Had a rally going 1st inning of today’s game – and what? they send Bruce to get cut down? To which the Rockies say “thanks!”.

I thought sending Bruce was a bonehead call, but then again I’m getting used to them.

As important as replacing Price is replacing him with a tried and true manager, not a ‘let’s try this guy’ approach. None of the above named managers are permanent replacements in my opinion, however they are candidates to fill in for the remainder of 2015. We cannot afford to put in place another mistake; plain and simple. With all of the above said, replacing Price would do the Reds great justice as he is and was a mistake from the get go. Baker had his faults as well, but he got better results from his managing; still, he hasn’t received a phone call since his departure so MLB has spoken. Unfortunately, Price is milk-toast, Jocketty is a Mr. softy and Castellini is not results oriented so the Reds will play this out until it bends and then breaks on its own. I believe that 19 consecutive losses is the record; we might hit enough HR to escape that though provoking number…if even for one game.

You know, it’s not that difficult to see what a successful manger looks like…just see all the managers the Reds have used over the years and see which ones were successful…W and trophys. In each and every case, their team followed them on a daily basis and it was reflected in their play. Not true with Price and the imo, the writing is on the wall; merely a matter of time.

Through 6 innings the B-boys have two hits apiece; maybe they have decided that
enough is enough.

Another quality start by Marquis . Of course that’s to Uncle Bryan’s standards.

Did anyone think Chapman looked hurt ? Either that or he didn’t warm up properly .

Actually, his team could have been kinder…5.2 IP, 2 ER…should have been a
really better outcome; unfortunately, Frazier undermined his performance. However, if you watch the games, he has all the pitches to be a very good SP
for the Reds. Will he perform to those expectations…I dunno, yet I am hopeful.

Brandon Phillips: Strike looking, Foul, Foul, Foul, Ball, Foul, Phillips lined out to center.
Joey Votto: Votto doubled to left.
Todd Frazier: Strike swinging, Ball, Frazier homered to center, Votto scored.
Jay Bruce: Ball, Bruce singled to right.
Brayan Pena: Ball, Ball, Strike looking, Pickoff attempt, Ball, Strike swinging, Bruce caught stealing,catcher to shortstop, Pena walked.
Marlon Byrd: Ball, Strike swinging, Foul, Ball, Ball, Byrd grounded out to third.
End of Inning (2 Runs, 3 Hits, 0 Errors)
Have to agree with Price; trying to make things happen. Bases were empty with
1 out when Bruce (3 for 5 SB) made the attempt. Can’t fault the logic this time; actually applaud the aggressiveness…this time.

Neb, I did like the lineup . I can live with Phillips as the Leadoff hitter but I would still like to try Votto there. He would be behind Hamilton , which may ignite him , and he may get that one more AB . I mean , what have we to lose ?

All-Star Game shouldn’t stop slumping Reds from firing Price
Ken Rosenthal
FOX Sports
MAY 24, 2015 9:17p ET
Baseball is in an age of analytics, an age in which teams increasingly remove emotion from their decision-making.

So, why should hosting the All-Star Game make one iota of difference for the Cincinnati Reds if they are thinking about firing manager Bryan Price?

It shouldn’t.

The Reds have lost eight straight games, albeit to three hot clubs, the Giants, Royals and Indians. They are now 18-25, 9½ games out in the NL Central – and just three games ahead of the last-place Brewers, who changed managers earlier this month.

I can understand the Reds not wanting to trade right-hander Johnny Cueto when he is a candidate to start the ASG – though if say, the Dodgers, made the right offer, I would accept it in a heartbeat without concern for the public-relations fallout.

I cannot understand, however, why the Reds would hold off on Price if they determine that a change is necessary. The All-Star Game is seven weeks away, for goodness’ sake. It already is sold out, and will shed a positive light on Cincinnati regardless of the condition of the local nine.

The time to act – if the Reds want to act – is now. But some familiar with the thinking of owner Bob Castellini would be surprised if he made an immediate move, saying that the owner is fond of both Price and general manager Walt Jocketty, and that he is wary of negative publicity as the ASG approaches.

Which isn’t to say Price is safe through the break.
Major-league sources told me Sunday that Castellini would meet with Jocketty and other members of the front office Monday morning, before the Reds begin a six-game homestand against the Rockies in the afternoon. However, another source told me that my report of a summit was, “100 percent false,” saying that Jocketty is out of town.

Cincinnati Enquirer columnist Paul Daugherty reached Castellini Sunday night and asked if there was anything he needed to know regarding Price.

“Absolutely not,” Castellini said.

In any case, Castellini-led meetings are not unusual for the Reds, and the team has other outstanding issues, including the fate of All-Star catcher Devin Mesoraco, who likely will require surgery to correct a left-hip impingement that has limited him to 45 at-bats this season.

It isn’t Price’s fault that Mesoraco likely is out for the season, or that Cueto missed his start Sunday due to elbow stiffness. It also isn’t his fault that Billy Hamilton’s on-base percentage is .256, or that Jay Bruce only recently began to emerge from his season-long offensive funk.

Still, the Reds’ minus-35 run differential is the fourth-worst in the National League – and Price, who is under contract through 2016, twice has lost control of his emotions in recent weeks, uncharacteristically.

The first incident occurred in April, when Price used the F-word 77 times during a 5-minute, 34-second rant suggesting that reporters should withhold information that might not benefit the team. The second occurred Saturday, when he was ejected during the exchange of lineup cards, before a single pitch was thrown.

If Price’s goal Saturday was to fire up his team against the Indians, it didn’t work – the Reds succumbed to right-hander Corey Kluber and Co., 2-1. And if Price’s goal in attacking the media was to discourage reporters from doing their jobs, that didn’t work, either (Price apologized for his language, but stood behind the content of his words, compounding his mistake).

Do I think another manager would help thrust the Reds into contention? Not with an offense that ranks 13th in the NL in runs per game and a bullpen that ranks last in the majors in ERA. But do I think the Reds could justify firing Price in an effort to inject new energy and salvage their season? Absolutely.

The most obvious replacement would be Hall of Famer, Cincinnati native and Reds roving instructor Barry Larkin, who managed Brazil in the most recent World Baseball Classic. But Larkin recently said he was not ready to manage in an interview with the official blog of the Reds’ Double-A affiliate, the Pensacola Blue Wahoos.

The Reds always could elevate a member of Price’s staff, most likely third base coach Jim Riggleman, who previously managed the Padres, Cubs, Mariners and Nationals. If they wanted to take a bolder step, they could promote Triple-A manager Delino DeShields.

The choice is Castellini’s. It is not an easy choice, considering that the greater responsibility for the team’s shortcomings might rest with Jocketty. But one thing I know – whatever decisions the Reds make over the next two months, their image as the host of the All-Star Game should be the least of their concerns.

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