Game 43: Reds at Indians

Phillips 4

Schumaker 7

Votto 3

Frazier 5

Bruce 9

Pena 2

Byrd DH

Boesch 8

Negron 6
Iglesias RHP


So if Mesoraco isn’t DL’d , the DEADS are playing two men short . What a great organization .

Total disarray for sure. I see Price brought the Reds national media attention, not by being successful, but by being ejected before game started. Embarassing.

He thought the team was wronged and he stood up for what he thought. I for one cannot find defending the team to be embarrassing

I’m not sure of embarrassing as well . I think the man is frustrated and to a certain degree , it’s his own fault . You can also throw Jocketty and Castillni in as well . This franchise without leadership change at the top , is in deep trouble .

Bleach .118

Bleach = Boesch

Boesch .114

Bleach .111

Boesch .108

Hell . 4 or 5 of ’em aren’t much better and they play everyday . Oh , I’m sorry. None of ’em play everyday .

can’t find any comments on why Iglesias was pulled after only 3 innings??

Because Price doesn’t know what he’s doing .

Pitch count.

Agree. Right decision.

To hell with the pitch count . These guys are babied way too much . Look what happened to Strasburg . Shut him down and he blew his arm out anyway . Iglesias is 25 , he’s been pitching at or near this level for long time . He’s not a typical rookie .

@OldJim. Sorry I disagree. He sat out last year without pitching. He was a relief pitcher. This is a year of stretching out and strengthening the arms of Iglesias, Lorenzon, Desclafani, and Moscot if they bring him up. Can’t blame Price for everything and you know I am not a Price fan.

I can live with that .

Hey Castillini . See all those empty red seats today ? And on a Holiday . Get used to it .

Another quality start by Marquis . However it is a step on the right direction.

Looks to me like Chapman is hurting .

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