Game 42: Reds at Indians

Phillips 4

Schumaker 7

Votto 3

Frazier 5

Bruce DH

Pena 2

Cozart 6

Boesch 9

Hamilton 8

DeSclafani RHP


REDS have got to have new faces, players that can hit, plus revamp the whole pitching staff. Bring some players up from the minors or make moves via trade. The
current Reds GM does not do this, why not? The Reds are not winning with what
they have. Other teams get help some how when they have problems, especially the Cardinals. So why doesn’t the current GM of the Reds do something? Just very sad
and disappointing team, Reds need help, step in ownership please.

Hey Mark, what is going on with Mes. Expected him as DH when playing AL. Second game in a row he isn’t playing. Looking at today’s lineup it basically replaces Mes with a LH Boesch. Need some inside info because on the surface this looks nuts to me.

So 2 days in a row with Devin not at DH. Is surgery finally coming for him?

Did the reds make a major mistake getting all young pitchers and booting the older guys with experience?

Mark Sheldon /
CLEVELAND — A rotation that has little room for bad news got some more on Saturday when the Reds revealed that ace Johnny Cueto will not make his next start on Sunday versus the Indians. The reason the club gave was “general stiffness” that Cueto has experienced since his previous start on Tuesday against the Royals.

Raisel Iglesias will step in for Cueto vs. Cleveland in the finale of the three-game series.

Not good news at all. Sorry for Cueto if it’s more than stiffness. Maybe Marquis is not done unless Reds would be proactive and bring up Moscot.

Mesaraco has to be hurt . Of course the Reds won’t tell us because the man should’ve been on the DL. A long time ago . That would make this sad organization look bad . Now Cueto is hurt . The more they lose , the more the injuries . Wait and see . Votto will be next .

Mesoraco might not even be in the dugout . This organization is all about deception .

Maybe if a reporter would ask Price about the status of Mesoraco , uncle Bryan might break his own F Bomb record .

Or maybe the matchups again dictated it. LOL.

l was wrong . The next ones hurt are Phillips and Hamilton .

Mark, Ask Mr Price if he now regrets sending Cueto back out in the ninth when his team got enough runs and was up 10-2??? I remember seeing that game thinking its not smart to send him back out with 100 pitches and he sat awhile in that big 8th inning.. Looks like that could be part of the issue with Cueto and his soreness. By the way, glad I purchased season tickets to Kings Island instead of using for Reds tickets. They act like its Sept 15th and 30 games out. and its only May!!! ZERO motivation, ZERO focus on what to do to win games by being prepared and making adjustments. Same thing every game.. its boring AND unmotivating to waste my energy to watch.. Sadly Ownership will just say “We like this team”.. HAHA.. good luck selling tickets the rest of this year and off season to watch a last place team!!

Yes, you are absolutely correct. Having Cueto pitch into the 120+ pitch count so that he could get a shut out or complete game is the sign of a very immature and rookie manager. I’ll say it again, Price should have one concern; putting up a W after each game. This hand holding, milk toast, sandlot managing has got to stop. If I were Castellini or Jocketty I would be absolutely livid. One last note…last season our longest losing streak was 7 games; we did it twice. If we lost tonight we will have lost 7 straight; from the looks of it Price has jostled the lineup considerably while once again, batting another player in the ‘revolving door two hole’.

I have a feeling that even if there were to be changes on this team, they will wait until after the all-star game. At that point I suspect that there will be a few changes. Until then we all have to bite our lips and root for the Reds to outhit the other team; that appears to be our only chance for a W.

Reds are too much about image. With Price already selected for AS game I don’t see them disrupting things by making a managerial change.

I really don’t understand Price. It wasn’t so long ago that he came out and said that overusing a relief pitcher that makes a great deal of money would be big trouble. Then in the ensuing few games thereafter, he allows Cueto to pitch 120+ pitches in a game we are winning 10-1. I cannot believe that Castellini and Jocketty can’t connect the dots.

Don’t forget, the Jock was rated as the 4th worst GM in baseball. Saw a comment to another website that said, “Bad ownership hires and keeps bad GM’s, who hire and keep bad managers”. I would add that bad managers never learn and keep making the same mistakes, in one form or another, over and over.

I told you guys a long time ago this ownership and management team lie to us all the time . It has been about fannies in the seats from day one . The additions in the off season were inadequate at best . They were made just for us to think they were trying . All Castillini cares about is looking good for his buddies in high places . The ONLY way they get serious about winning is to look up in their all star stadium and see nothing but EMPTY red seats .

Because both are terrible at their respective job .

If Cueto were not hurt today, he should have started in right field. Better stick than Boesch (.214 versus .133), and better arm. Ask Price who he thinks will be coaching Reds in second half of 2015

Reds lose , Reds Lose , RRREEEDDSS
Lose . What a great offensive performance . I think Uncle Bryan needs to put Marty in the two hole tomorrow . What a sorry excuse for a Major League Baseball franchise !!!!!!’

As much as I disagree with Price, it is smart to get ejected before the game even starts, so that he doesn’t have to watch this mess. Will that be an option for the fans as well?

The name Bryan Price and the term smart is an oxymoron.

Grousing to the umps about previous night’s game kind of a pointless exercise! (and pointedly not shaking umps hands as per normal) Ridiculous…

Reds .237 157 48 4.46
NL Central 4th 5th 1st 4th
National League 12th 12th 2nd 13th

Reds’ CF Billy Hamilton banged up Saturday, likely to play Sunday
by Jason Lempert | Staff Writer/CBS Sports
Reds center fielder Billy Hamilton injured his left shoulder and wrist on a slide while attempting to steal second in the seventh during Saturday’s game against the Indians.

The speedy outfielder remained in the game, and said he expects to play in the series-finale on Sunday, according to

Uncle Bryan won’t let him .

Announcers said Mesaraco is on his way home and going on the disabled list and probably heading for surgery. Who have the Reds called up or are we going to play super short Sunday.

After trying to squat in catching position the other day for the first time in a long time he experienced pain.

Not surprised. Most experts didn’t expect him to be able to catch until post surgery. Unfortunately Red’s management are not experts. Wasted over a month and played short handed. 14-24 since first 4 games.

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