Phillips in the leadoff spot

Brandon Phillips is leading off for the Reds on Friday, something he hasn’t done this season and only once in 2014. Since his trade to Cincinnati, Phillips is a .350 hitter with nine homers and 32 RBIs vs. his old team, the Indians. But that figured less in Bryan Price’s decision to move him up to the top spot than the Reds overall struggles offensively (batting .238 as a team). They were 0-for-11 with runners in scoring position and are hitting a Major League worst with RISP at .189.

“My feeling is really trying to figure out where we’re going to be most successful,” Price said. “Right now, it seems to me to be better served to do some match-up type of stuff based on where guys hit in the order. We’re just trying to find our way to where are consistently a better offensive team. Without Billy hitting at the top of the order, it really comes down to what are our options?

“Brandon has been getting a lot of base hits, not a lot of extra base hits, but he’s been on base at a lot better clip. He’s swinging the bat well. We need to get more guys on base and we have to be more productive in RBI situations. We haven’t been as good as I know we’re capable of being in these run-producing opportunities. Our batting average in these environments is not nearly good enough for us to be successful. I’m just trying to find the right mix and the right order. It’s unfair to a certain degree to move guys around every few games. I’m still trying to find some rhyme or reason to a lineup that isn’t producing at the rate that I think is capable of producing.”


Price is still trying to find his way . He is absolutely terrible .

Maybe the rhyme or reason is that Price doesn’t set a lineup and stick with it and allow the players to settle in. I thought he overreacted early in April and started changing the lineup even though the team started 4-0. His changing things didn’t surprise me because he did it all last year with disastrous results. I can see why he is rated #29 of 32 managers. If he keeps up doing the same things over and over maybe he can get to #32.

He doesn’t have very far to go; there are only 30 teams in MLB.

OOOPPSS. NFL has 32.

Yes, you are right. The things he did last season are overflowing into this season. Making the #2 position in the lineup a revolving door or BA building is ludicrous. Rather than sitting a player, he tinkers with the lineup incessantly and his theory that any reliever should pitch a complete inning is equally absurd. Overall though, his constant hand holding and being best-buddy to all of the players, in a sandlot softball atmosphere is his downfall. I have yet to see the guy get into a players face, rather he is milk-toast in every relationship; the players go into a game and just flail away as there are no repercussions. The team is made up of a number of millionaires that “try” but seldom if ever get any better. We will never be much of a team as long as Price manages this team, and one day this fact will be born out when Castellini realizes the same; Jocketty seems to go along with the status-quo; I thought he was better than that.

Sorry people but if you think changing managers is going to change his team you really need to rethink your thinking. All it will do is spend unnecessary money paying two managers for the rest of the season. Hamilton is not a leadoff hitter or maybe not even a regular outfielder maybe working his way to fourth or fifth outfielder. Glad BP is in lead off.

Well I, for one, think changing mgrs. would make a difference. A badly needed fresh start…Leaders supposed to know how to lead..

Ranking the managers in MLB…
…Price #29 of #30.
“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Phillips is batting .314. Brilliant move to change his spot in the lineup. Who will coach the Reds the second half of 2015?

You seem to robustas by yourself Hoosier. . You are right in the sense that the problems with the Reds runs much deeper than the manager . Both Jocketty and Price need to go as well the minor league player development director.

I don’t know what robustas means . It’s supposed to read “on an island by yourself ” lol

I guess we’re suppossed to shrug and watch the ship go down.

I am curious as to why you are not holding the ownership group responsible? The ownership dictates what approaches happen in the minors ala HR swingers or hitters that look for base hits. I seem to recall that a few years ago, this current ownership group declined to move the fences out. They want the long ball and they talk a BS talk about wanting a winning team. We have been bamboozled and to quote the visual from Airplane: “the s$$$ has hit the fan”.

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