Games 39-40: Reds at Royals

I have these two games off. Back from Cleveland on Friday.


All-Star coaches picked…
The 2015 All-Star Game will be held in Cincinnati’s Great American Ball Park from July 12-14 this season, and, for the third time in the last five years, Giants manager Bruce Bochy will manage the NL squad. Such are the perks of winning the World Series three times in five seasons.

As always, Bochy will bring two fellow NL managers with him as All-Star Game coaches. According to a San Francisco Chronicle report, Bochy is planning to bring the hometown skipper and the manager of his club’s biggest rival:

It’s been common practice to bring the hometown manager, so bringing the Reds manager was an easy call for Bochy even though Bryan Price had some issues with the media earlier this year.

Bochy had lots of options for the second spot but opted for Dodgers skipper Don Mattingly. The Dodgers currently have the second best record in the NL behind the Cardinals, though Mike Matheny was the NL All-Star Game manager last year after winning the 2013 pennant.

The AL All-Star Game coaching staff is not yet known. Royals manager Ned Yost will run the squad.

Until the Reds get a GM to get the team the lot of help they need they will continue to struggle. But nothing is ever done to improve team, just don’t understand why no moves are made to get some real hitters & pitching.

Because the front office is in restart mode…..Cueto is gone, Leake is probably gone….why bring in anything to help out this year?

The blame falls at the feet of ownership and nobody else ultimately. They sign the paychecks for everybody and I would think it quite probable that the GM is not going to change the minor league hitting approach if the owner does not want such an approach. Seems to me that ownership is quite content with free swinging hitters and guys who swing for the fence because just like the new commish talked about, offense creates interest, well, to the casual fan at least. Until a new ownership with a different approach to the minor league hitting approach come in, to quote T Jones “it is what it is”. “Is” would be weak fly balls in larger ball parks that are HRs in GABP. I did not expect the Reds to win this year but it is truly amazing how mediocre in the same areas they continue to be, year after year…

Tuesday – May 19th – 8:10PM-ET
1. Zack Cozart (R) SS
2. Brayan Pena (S) C
3. Joey Votto (L) 1B
4. Todd Frazier (R) 3B
5. Marlon Byrd (R) LF
6. Brandon Phillips (R) 2B
7. Jay Bruce (L) RF
8. Devin Mesoraco (R) DH
9. Billy Hamilton (S) CF

Why not think outside the box ?
1 Votto
2 Cozart
3 Byrd
4 Frazier
5 Pena
6 Mesoraco
7 Phillips
8 Cozart
9 Hamilton

Last 7 games;
Cozart .167/.304/.389/.683 (in #1 hole 0-8)
Hamilton .316/.300/.579/.879
Maybe should have left the lineup alone. Didn’t understand resting Hamilton after a 2-4 day and then putting him #8 for the last 2. Cozart may not be someone you can move around. Frustrating to lose 3, win 3, lose 3. Since the first 4 games our record is 14-20.

More frustration, lose 4. Cozart 0-12 leading off. 4 groundouts to shortstop. Lose ground to Cards at the top and creep closer to the Brewers at the bottom. Royals put on a clinic as to how the game is to be played.

Please take Cozart out of the lead off spot . Put Votto there .

It doesn’t matter . Zero fire by the team on the field, Zero urgency to win, Zero help at EVERY trade deadline to get the team to the next level. And to top it off. It’s ONLY about the All-Star game in 2015. Nothing changes except the falling down in the standings. Congrats Bob!!!! Good luck selling season tickets in 2016 with no All-Star game to pimp to the fans!!!!!. Sadly we will see Cueto, Leake,Chapman gone. No reason to even go watch losing baseball the rest of this season and prob the next 5 years. Thanks Bob for all the false hope. Just think if Walt made moves at the trade deadlines ( you know the ones where they said they were all in), I bet this team would have gone farther and maybe won a World Series. I even Bet Dusty is still here. And the team would be hungry and Wanting to go further and as focused as the Cardinals are as they are EVERY season to get to the World Series as their goal from day one of spring training. What ticks me off is how it’s all acceptable by this ownership. I hate to think we Reds fans will only have the past to look at in the Reds HOF for along while. I pray I am wrong. But nothing this Reds front office is doing makes me feel that will change. Where are the good scouts to go find winning type players to establish winning at the lower levels in the drafts. And find hitters that make adjustments to get better. Not have a big head that refuse to change and failure is no big issue. Just like the KC 3rd baseman who stopped being stubborn and wants to help his team by changing his approach to use the entire field. Drives me crazy how Bruce refuses to do that and not better himself to help this team. Why not hire George Foster to get these Reds hitters to make adjustments. He can show his World Series rings and say to them ” You don’t make the necessary adjustments you will never see the next level much less get their own ring.” I know most Reds fans can’t stand LaRussa, but dang it he WINS!!! And I know he would demand Walt do his dang job and get better players here. That’s called accountability. Not act like May 19th you look lethargic and uninterested on the field and at bat. At least the Brewers made a change and not give more excuses for failure like this front office does.

Very well put !!! What bothers most is this management team thinks Reds’ fans are stupid and don’t understand what is going on . Maybe they’ll change their tune when they look up see a lot of empty seats .

Very well put. But we did have some good scouts find Cueto, Chapman and Iglesias right? Those 3 right there make up a pretty good 10 years pitching wise. It’s been the dumb signing of Homer Bailey that has killed us the most. I knew when that deal happened it would bite us in the Ars.

Does the offense realize that Cueto is in a contract year? Because every time he pitches they freaking suck. EVERY TIME! Nothing, not even his own teammates are helping keep JC in town past the All-Star break and good for him! If I were him, I’d run as fast as I could. A disgrace of an organization right now. Raisel Iglesias throws the best start a Reds pitcher has thrown in weeks and lets just put him in the bullpen…keep throwing Marquis out there every 5th day to give up 5 plus runs. It’s a freaking joke, and I’m pissed off at myself for ever getting excited for this season. The “All star” coach of this team is in way over his head and everybody knows it. My only excuse for him is that maybe a lot of the direction is coming from upstairs, but who knows. Not leading off Billy Hamilton is the dumbest thing ever. I want to see that guy get as many at bats as possible, and we all should. Votto is hitting like shit for the past 2-3 weeks. Should we move him Mr. Price? Come on man, Hamiltons wheels are a huge threat and you want him in front of Votto, WHO SHOULD BE BATTING 2ND YOU MORON!

AMEN !!!!!!!!

Amazing how well Hamilton and Votto did at 1 and 2. Then he starts tinkering with the line up and it starts to fall apart. You know I am thinking other than Phillips no one needs to move around. He seems to be the only player that just plays the same no matter where he is at. This seems so simple but yet for some reason so difficult for Price to understand.

Votto’s numbers in the 2 hole were awesome, and Billy was hitting a lot better with Votto behind him. Why Price ever went away from that is absolutely beyond me! It’s down right idiotic, and totally proves the guy has no idea what he is doing. JOKE JOKE JOKE of an organization right now.

Amen again !!!!!

The one thing that gives Marquis a little advantage to most pitchers is his hitting ability. Today we decided to start him instead of Iglesias in game where we get to use a DH. Give Iglesias this start (especially with how good he was last time out. Nice reward Mr. Price) and let Marquis pitch out of the bullpen for 7-10 days, then make the flip back.

Makes too much sense . You can’t do that to an ex Cardinal .

Has anybody heard anything about the rumor that Ron Gardenhire is talking to the Reds about replacing Price. I doubt that there is anything to it, but it’s out there.

You better not be teasing us! LOL

Yeah! (Cozart leading off again!?)

A commenter on another website stated it as a done deal. Maybe he knows about as much as me, which means not much. Just wondering if anyone else heard it. It is fun thinking “The Price Is Right” experiment could be wrapping up.

With Jim Riggleman as the current 3B coach and the Twins doing what they are doing, come on. Someone can come up with something better than that.

Wednesday lineup – 8:10PM-ET
SSZack Cozart (R)
2BB. Phillips (R)
1BJoey Votto (L)
3BTodd Frazier (R)
LFMarlon Byrd (R)
RFJay Bruce (L)
DHDevin Mesoraco (R)
CFBilly Hamilton (S)
CTucker Barnhart (S)

Last 7 games:
Cozart .143/.269/.333/.603 (0-12 leading off)
Hamilton .278/.263/.556/.819
Votto .208/.269/.250/.519

The Marines have signed righty Kevin Gregg to a minor league deal, the team announced (via Ryan Divish of the Seattle Times, on Twitter). He will head to Triple-A, taking the place of the recently-traded Yoervis Medina in the Tacoma pen.

Gregg, 36, was designated recently by the Reds after opening the year with a prominent role in the Cincinnati pen. He struck out 14 batters in his 10 2/3 innings, walking five in the process, but nevertheless scuffled to a 10.13 ERA.

Over parts of 13 years in the big leagues, Gregg has posted 720 1/3 innings and averaged a 4.24 ERA. His best stretch came in the 2007-2010 time frame, when he closed for the Marlins, Cubs, and Blue Jays. (Since, he has also functioned in a 9th-inning capacity for the Orioles and again in Chicago.)

Also from MLBTR:
The Rockies have optioned struggling outfielder Drew Stubbs to Triple-A, Nick Groke of the Denver Post reports (Twitter links). Taking his place on the active roster is Brandon Barnes.

Stubbs, 30, avoided arbitration with a $5.825MM contract this year — his final before hitting the open market. Notably, given his 5+ service time, Stubbs both had to pass through revocable optional waivers and consent to the assignment.

This season has been nothing but hardship for Stubbs, who is slashing just .118/.182/.255 in 56 plate appearances. That represents a notable disappointment for him after a stellar 2014 campaign in which he put up a strong .289/.339/.482 batting line. Though he only took 424 plate appearances, strong baserunning and solid defensive marks let him with 2.6 fWAR and 2.7 rWAR.

Damn! Wish we got to play the Mariners this year….Maybe in the world Series…… LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cards up 7-0 over Mets after 3 1/2.

The Royals just showed the Reds how you manufacture a run .

Another quality start by Marquis .

Who will coach the Reds the second half of 2015? In 2016?

Never get to see Byrd’s batting average on the telecast because he keeps swinging at the first pitch. Seriously, though, if he really gets in a groove, he could challenge Stubbs for the Reds’ strikeout record

They are swinging like they are in a hurry for the season to be over. Zero focus on what you do to prepare for winning. Great job coaching staff.

Bruce answers Byrd’s challenge by striking out in the eighth. I love watching sub-200 hitters perfecting their craft

Royals : Leadoff double, advance runner to 3rd with a ground ball to the right side , runner scores on a sacrifice fly . REDS : Load the bases with one out , Byrd swings for the fences and strikes out , next batter flys out . No runs score . ROYALS WIN , REDS LOSE . Imagine that . Reds suck !!’

Old Jim, Just an opinion from a guy feeling like you….LOL…. Cueto is gone after this year year anyway, maybe Leake and Chapman. I know it’s tough to swallow. But at this point, it’s better for this team to lose. Then at least we can get some prospects for those guys at the deadline instead of just losing them to free agency. Watch the games if you will, and cheer for the Reds to win….just don’t be so upset about it if they lose. Cueto, Leake, and Chapman gone. Iglesias, Lorenzen, and Stephenson in. Not fun to think about, but not a horrible transition when you look at it. Iglesias is going to be lights out in this league. Lorenzen is going to be a workhorse. Better stuff than Leake for sure.

The Jason Marquis thing has now gone on way to far. It’s another mockery in the making, he hasn’t earned another start with his performance so I sure hope he doesn’t get one.

Yep . Good advice . I’ll just try to enjoy the game of baseball . Whatever level it’s played at .

I would love for this team to just make a decision knowing they are not signing anyone and of course not winning this year. Some of these teams may want the help now and may give more for it. Trade Cueto and Leake now… That would help get a jump on next year with these young pitchers. Trade Bird too. Bring in any young major league ready hitters. I would take any position but 1st base. If you could just get one or two out of this it could completely change this team.

Marquis thinks his effort was “a step in the right direction”. Price says Marquis when throwing well fits in, but the results “need to START getting better”.
With those attitudes I wouldn’t expect things to improve.

Well, Marquis has to say that because he’s fighting for his job . Price is just covering his backside like he did with Gregg . The question is when HAS he thrown the ball well ? Hell , it’s almost June . Lol. ” It ain’t gonna happen !”

AMEN!!!! Because he sucks! The over 5 ERA over his last 6 MLB season probably should have been a pretty big indicater of that. But I guess not for this group jackwagons. Screw it, keep throwing him out there.

Reds are now 9 games out of 1st and have moved to 3.5 games out of last. Are 3-7 for last 10 games. I guess one would say things need to start improving and quickly.

Does anybody else find it absolutely histerical that Jay Bruce’s name is actual on the All Start ballot? WoWaWe!

Mets 5, Cards 0…bottom of 8th.

Pick up 1/2 game by not playing. Maybe that’s the answer. LOL. Might do OK vs. Indians. Stack up pretty well against each other. However, if it comes down to managerial moves and skill, we lose.

The Royals schooled the Reds on how to manufacture runs . I wonder if anyone in the Reds’ organization was paying attention . Nawww! They don’t want to play inthe World Series .

Might be wrong (wouldn’t be the first time) but I’ve been watching Votto’s swing (on telecast not live) and it looks different than at the beginning of the season. He was getting his hips turned and driving off his left leg and hitting with power. It appears to me that he isn’t swinging that way now. Very little hip turn and not using his left side. I remember in a game early in the season when he slid into 2nd base and stood and kind of slumped over. I thought then he might have hurt himself. For what it’s worth (which probably isn’t much), I think Votto is playing hurt and both he and the Reds are mum about it.

I’m watching the Dayton Dragons . They single and triple in the same inning and don’t score . They train ’em young . Getting ready for the Reds.

This packaging this with a Cueto trade I think is not wise unless its a big contract. Sending Bruce is a joke. He is only on the hook for another 2 yrs and prior to last year was an absolute stud. That is the kind of guy you eat a couple million and trade for a prospect. Not package with the best available pitcher in baseball. If you are going to package a bad deal send Bailey. Then you can try and resign Cueto in the off season to what you would have paid Bailey. I mean they need to get creative like Oakland here. Or just ask for the world when trading each Cueto, Leake, Bird, Cozart, Frazier, and Chapman. I would include Bruce but not sure how much you can get for him. If they could just do a fire sale and reload then we are looking at a possible nice haul for all of these guys. Thats how TB does it and they continue to complete. We have 4 major league ready pitchers for next year. So we just need some young hitters.

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