Hamilton dropped to eighth

Reds manager Bryan Price made a pretty big change to the lineup on Sunday, moving Billy Hamilton out of the leadoff spot to eighth. Zack Cozart batted leadoff.

Before Sunday, Hamilton made 171 of 172 career starts batting in the leadoff spot with the lone exception when he batted ninth at Houston in his first-ever start in 2013. In 33 games this season entering the day, Hamilton is batting only .212 with a .264 on-base percentage that ranks near the bottom of the league among leadoff hitter who qualify.

I will have more later on MLB.com/Reds.com, but here are some quotes from manager Bryan Price and Hamilton:


“We’re going to see where it goes. We’re trying to get — it’s like the bullpen and sorting out the bullpen. We didn’t get off to the start we expected to with the bullpen and we’re trying to find our way offensively and it’s been a little more challenging than I anticipated to be consistently really efficient offensively. I just thought it made sense to take a look at getting some of our higher on-base guys at the top of the order. Cozart, Pena’s hitting second today. Just try to get some guys on base for the middle of the order guys and take a little bit of the load off. There’s this whole thing we’re always saying with Billy, ‘You go, we go.’ It really shouldn’t be that way — when we’re going, it’s because we’re all going. Because we’re all doing what we need to be doing collectively well. I think it’d be really nice to have Billy doing some things down at the bottom, maybe helping set the table for the top of the order. The way Zack’s been swinging the bat, Pena, leading to Joey, Frazier, Byrd, Brandon, et cetera. It could be a good thing. I’m certainly optimistic it will be.”


“You’ve got to roll with it. When you’re playing like I’m playing, you can’t do anything about it. It’s not going to put me in a bad situation – my confidence is still there. It’s a spot in the lineup. I’m still happy to just be in the lineup. It’s been tough this year so far and everything, but it’s his decision. If I was playing better, it would be way different. I can’t say anything about it the way I’m playing, I’ve just got to deal with it.”


Don’t care how fast you are you cannot steal first base. Billy has struggled the last part of last year and the early part of this year. Good move by Price, Pena and Cozart have earned the right to be at the top of the lineup.

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It took until game #33, AB #125 for Hamilton to lay down a bunt for a base hit…
discussing it won’t make it come true; only execution.

I hope you’re right Neb . I’d love for you to tell me “I told you so “

I’m talking about Price and Hamilton constantly talking about what they are doing or are going to do to remedy the situation. It’s becoming redundant and trying; fairly clear he has no ability to bunt as it took him 125 ABs to lay down his lst base hit bunt. That’s absurd imo. How many times he squares to bunt only to take a FB down the middle of the plate, then fouls off a pitch and he either SO or hits a ball in the air. I am extremely disappointed in Hamilton. He tries to be to clever leading off rather than just doing what successful ball players do; execute! Hamilton should be watching hours of film on the ‘bunt experts’ over the last many years; there were a number of them. He needs to learn to stop hitting the ball in the air as well. His GO/AO of 1.12 is ludicrous given his god given speed. His .263 OBP is laughable.
The real question is…are they going to work with him or let him try to figure out what he’s doing right or wrong on his own.

Example: Remember, before signing Byrd, we were thinking about signing Aoki. He bunted successfully this weekend on a couple of occasions and created havoc on the base pads. His GO/AO ratio is a stunning 2.69; a quintessential lead-off batter. Of course it doesn’t hurt to hit .291/.367 leading off either. Funny thing about Aoki is that with all his success at getting on, he isn’t much of a base stealing threat; 10 SB/3 CS.
But I digress, the Reds need to train Hamilton how to: 1) stop hitting fly balls and 2) the art of bunting the ball. 1 bunted hit in 125 ABs is not executing, and it averages to about 4 or 5 by end of season…ridiculous.

Reds pitching gives up 30 to the Giants this weekend. Moving Hamilton to eighth will not cure that. It is time to move Price to a different spot in the lineup

I am hoping that Bruce is coming alive for the remainder of the season…his benching seems to have ignited a spark; over last two games he is 5 for 9, 2 HR, 3 RBI and has hit the ball to the wall with the bases loaded on a couple of occasions. The really good news is that he SO only once while raising his BA to .190. Maybe he can get really hot like Bryce Harper of Washington; last 10 games: 19 of 35, 6 HR, 17 RBI. Bruce is very streaky and can put up a bucket full of HR and RBI in the blink of a homestand/week.

2014 – 18 HR, 66 RBI (actual)
2015 – 30 HR, 81 RBI (projected)

Remember Dusty would sit down Jay for a game or two and he usually would come back hitting.

Cozart 0-8 in #1 hole. Hope the change hasn’t set him back.


Los Angeles Dodgers 6/1
Washington Nationals 7/1
Detroit Tigers 9/1
Kansas City Royals 9/1
St Louis Cardinals 9/1
Chicago Cubs 12/1
New York Yankees 14/1
New York Mets 15/1
Houston Astros 18/1
San Francisco Giants 18/1
Los Angeles Angels 20/1
Seattle Mariners 20/1
San Diego Padres 25/1
Boston Red Sox 30/1
Pittsburgh Pirates 30/1
Baltimore Orioles 40/1
Chicago White Sox 40/1
Toronto Blue Jays 40/1
Cleveland Indians 45/1
Tampa Bay Rays 50/1
Miami Marlins 60/1
Minnesota Twins 60/1
Oakland Athletics 65/1
Cincinnati Reds 100/1…….<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Atlanta Braves 175/1
Colorado Rockies 250/1
Arizona Diamondbacks 300/1
Milwaukee Brewers 300/1
Texas Rangers 500/1
Philadelphia Phillies 2000/1
updated May 18, 2015

Excerpts from one of Mark’s articles on Reds.com…
“The 36-year-old Marquis, who made the team after a decent Spring Training, is 3-3 with a 6.63 ERA in his seven starts with nine home runs allowed, including five in his last two starts. In his back-to-back losses, he’s also given up 11 earned runs and 17 hits.”
“In his last five starts, the 24-year-old DeSclafani is 0-4 with a 6.38 ERA, including 17 walks over 24 innings.”

Not a Price the manager fan at all. Think he’s in over his head. However, I don’t think he bears the brunt of the pitching staff state of affairs. The Reds have a #1 and #2 starter in Cueto and Leake. Then there are 3 #5 starters, no #3 or #4. You can shuffle the deck anyway you want and you still end up with the same mix. Send people down, bring people up, reshuffle, and it still looks the same. The decisions made to get to this point were made at the Jocketty level and higher involving $$$$, contracts, options, etc.

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