Game 38: Giants at Reds



I do agree with moving Hamilton but Penna 2nd . Byrd moved again , Bruce moved again . No wonder they can’t score . Price is back to his old tricks , musical batting orders . I knew Votto would end up 3rd . It just took longer than I Thought .

What’s with price? Does he look at the score when Leake is behind 5-0 ? Price lets Leake continue to labor until it a 9-0 game instead of rescuing him. I now question the manager skills of Price. He’s acted issues late on other issues. I would find someone to help Hamilton out with his bunting. Too bad John Madden wasn’t available when Dusty got the ax.I believe there would be a major difference in the Reds play.

Don’t think he was really laboring Tucker even said he had good stuff just a couple bad pitches he really didn’t have that many pitches in his pitch count. Why blow through a bullpen especially this bullpen.

Have to agree with you on this occasion .

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