Game 37: Giants at Reds 



Maybe Price will give up again tonight and let his pitcher hit to lead off an inning and then take him out or pinch hit another pitcher . Or maybe all the bench players are not physically able
play or they just don’t feel comfortable tonight and we don’t want to force them to play , do we ?

Surprised to see Hamilton out of lineup after going 2/4 last night. Might have been coming around.

Good point…

Not to mention Pena as well…

Price makes stupid baseball decisions . Ones that will get him fired .

You got to see a pitcher bat for himself even though he was not going back out. 2 games in a row. Don’t think I’ve ever seen that before.

You’ll see it frequently when your team is always playing short on personnel due to inexplicable Front Office dances done to avoid using the Disabled List. Meso could be used only as a PH, Cozart and Phillips were both operating under very questionable status, and carrying three catchers means you have virtually no flexibility in the field or at the plate late in games, even if everyone else on the roster is at 100%. This state of affairs is NOT Price’s doing! Or fault.

Was more impressed with Bruces hit down 3rd base line than I was with his solo HR when it was 11-0. Will say he is swinging better and SO less. We shall see!

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