Bruce sits; Phillips returns

Jay Bruce came into Friday batting .162 and .133 for this month while he’s in a 6-for-45 clip. Although he came a couple of feet from hit went hitting a grand slam in Thursday’s 4-3 win, he went 0-for-3 and had left seven on base. Bruce was given a night off from the lineup, but it wasn’t a benching. It had more to do with the fact that Giants lefty ace Madison Bumgarner was on the mound. Bruce is 2-for-17 (.118) lifetime vs. Bumgarner. Kristopher Negron started in right field.

“I’ve got to find my days for the other guys,” manager Bryan Price said. “I’m hoping to get Boesch in this series and give him a start. I have to pick my times for these guys. Sometimes if it’s a tougher match-up, I will do that. It’s nothing to read into anything other than a day off [for Bruce] against a tough lefty.”

*Brandon Phillips was back in the lineup after he missed two games with turf toe on his left foot. Phillips is using some orthotic inserts in his spikes to get some more comfort.

“He’s had the 48 hours of recovery time,” Price said. “He had a lot of treatment. He’s been seen by a foot specialist and all those things. We don’t force our players to play. We have to make sure that they’re comfortable being on the field. Most of them, if not all of them, are slightly banged up right now anyway. It’s just part of the grind of a long season.”


Glad to hear it wasn’t a benching. Wouldn’t want to hurt his feelings or damage his psyche. Bruce isn’t only hitting .133 for May, for the last 30 of the 35 we’ve played he is .136/.245/.284. WOW! Wouldn’t want to bench him.

I think Price let us know who really is in charge . “We don’t force our players to play .” We want them to feel comfortable on the field .” You have to be kidding me . Poor babies . God forbid anyone play a little sore or hurt . Price needs to managing a little league team where his biggest decision is to when to let little Johnny go to the restroom .

when will price wake up and realize a benching just might be the thing that wakes bruce up? he will be not like it but to bad! 1 game off will not force him to make the adjustments he needs to like benching him until he does will. why did they sign boesch if they never plan on using him? at least he has an excuse for not hitting when he does get to play since it is 1 game a month if he is lucky. why not play him every day for a week to have a chance to get in a groove like he did in spring training when he did get playing time? he can’t do any worse than Bruce is right now.

Agree big time. Realize Baumgardner is LHP, but still would have prefered Boesch over Negron who has had a significant # of AB and has done nothing.

you know if there was a wager on this in Vegas I would bet everything on Marquis continued starting and either Iglesias or Lorenzen in the bullpen… Its like an inside secret. We would make tons because it just doesn’t make any sense and Vegas would never think of it.

He’s our stopper. Win streak stopper that is. Raised his ERA to 6.63, just what you need from a starter. By the way our newest addition, Mattheus, with a total of 8 ML games in last 2 years, starts off with a 9.00ERA. Wonder why he was on waivers. Excellent replacement for Gregg, wouldn’t you say.

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