Phillips remains out of lineup

As he deals with turf toe on his left foot, Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips was out of the lineup Thursday — the second game in a row. Skip Schumaker started at second base vs. the Giants.

Phillips could return on Friday, however.

“I think it could be something that’s exacerbated by going out and playing nine innings,” Reds manager Bryan Price said. “I think he could pinch-hit, or in an emergency go out there and play defense. I think he could probably do anything but it makes more sense to look at him as a possible starter for tomorrow’s game as opposed to tonight’s. that’s just being conservative. If he had to play, he could play. I think the risk-reward, considering that we have Schu, that we have the pieces that can fill in and give him another day of rest is probably the most prudent decision.”


Schumaker’s horrible as an infielder. Another washed up Cardinal. Thanks Walt

Marquis is terrible as a pitcher . Another washed up Cardinal . Thanks Walt .

Lorenzon and Iglesias added to bullpen. Good news. Should have been there since start of season. Better late than never. Thanks Walt.

You are correct . Let’s just hope they stay in the big leagues . Price left open the possibility of sending them down .

Both of our young guys are going to be on a innings limit and rightly so. The Reds have to be very careful with them. So far they seem to be doing the right thing with them.

Now they need to address the RF issue and come to the same conclusion that they did with the BP. Make a change and go with it and quit thinking Bruce is going to get hot and stay hot.

I agree but they won’t due anything short of a trade . Bruce makes too much money to sit or be sent down . Sad but true . The Reds have to justify his contract .

I’ve said it before. There is nobody else in this organization I’d rather see them throiwng out there than Jay. Do you guys really want to Boesch everyday? The idea of Meso playing outfield is a complete joke. The guy has never played outfield in his life, and you guys want him to go out there and start in left, with a screwed up hip? He even stated it himself, only in an emergency. Winker isn’t ready, Boesch is not an everyday player and there is nobdoy else besides maybe Phil Ervin who is hitting the cover off the ball at advanced A ball, but that’s advances A ball. Yorman Rodriquez isn’t ready. Kyle Waldrop may be the one guy. Hititng well at Double A but you won’t see him until September barring and injury. Striking out 34 times in 34 games at double A doesn’t equate to well. So yeah, keep throwing Jay out there because he is certaintly the streakiest hitter in baseball, and he will get hot again. Our team lives and dies by the homerun anyway, and he is a better than average outfielder.

I hope you’re right . I do have my doubts . He hasn’t had an extended “HOT” streak in a long time. You are correct though . Sadly there is nobody else . So is the sad state of affairs with the Reds .

Bruce has 39SO in 34Games. Slashing .162/.272/333 for season. I don’t see anything to lose by trying Boesch everyday or bringing up Waldrup. Give them a week and see what happens.

I see plenty to lose, you bring one of those kids up and he sucks, and his confidence goes down the drain. We know Bruce can get hot. We know there is a lot of pop in bat. He’s just a mile away right now with his swing and timing. Boesch has already proven to many teams that he is not an everyday player. Just stop it with that talk. I mean the guy is hitting .160 in 25 at bats. What about that is screaming “make me a starter” to you? Waldrop has 34 K’s in 35 games against double A pitching. Imagine what MLB pitching would do to him.

Probably similar to what it’s doing to Bruce .

You guys get your wish. The big slugging Kris Negron plays RF tonight.

I’m sure Bruce will be back in the line up in the day or two . Hopefully a day or two off will help get him going . It’s just perplexing why he is struggling so much .

Didn’t wish for Negron. Bumgardner will probably eat him alive.

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