Game 35: Giants at Reds



What are the odds that Iglesias is taken out of the starting rotation by this inept organization ? He might even be demoted to AAA for more “seasoning.” Lol !! Don’t be surprised fellows .

The best plan would be Marquis to the bullpen or DFA’ed, but also a tandem rotation spot shared by Iglesias and Lorenzen wouldn’t be bad. Start one of them for a while with the other in the bullpen, then swap them to limit both of their innings.

Reds’ management isn’t smart enough to do that . It’s a good idea but the Reds are not capable of thinking outside the box .

If he going to be a starter, Marquis goes. If a reliever, BadenPOP should go. But I honestly expect the Reds to send him back down. I like how the Cardinals bring up their young pitchers and tell them, “Throw the pitch Molina signals and throw it to the target he gives you, period. Thats how their guys “find themselves”.

So true. How can you not just pitch the kids. If they get too many innings shut them down. Or just do a rotation that gives Cueto and Leake a start every fifth day but having a 6 man rotation with the rest to limit innings. Lets keep these kids pitching and building on next year. If we are still in this thing later in the year decide what to do then.

The Reds are Cardinal wanna be’s. Jocketty misses being a Cardinal so much he always signs 2 or 3 every off season .

Bruce S/B 9th. Last 7 games .130/.200/.130/23AB/0HR/7SO/1RBI. Better yet start Boesch or if you don’t think he’s the guy, bring up someone…anyone…but do something.

Hey . Jay Bruce could get hot and carry this team . I don’t mean that . It’s just that nobody has said that for awhile .

I thought Byrd was a good addition and really am becoming a fan.

Took him awhile, but he’s cooking now. Like the way he plays…all out. Looks like he is a team player the way he interacts. Thought it was a telling stat they showed on the telecast…………48.5% of Reds runs have been the result of HRs…………and then Byrd cranks another one. Good win. Sorry for Cueto that Cingrani gave up the lead.

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