Reliever claimed from Angels

The Reds claimed right-handed reliever Ryan Mattheus off of waivers on Wednesday from the Angels.

Expected to arrive in Cincinnati on Thursday, Mattheus was 0-2 with 2.84 ERA in 11 appearances this season for Triple-A Salt Lake. He made one big league appearance for the Angels, working a scoreless inning with one walk and two strikeouts.

The 31-year-old Mattheus spent 2011-14 with the Nationals. His best season was 2012, when he worked a career-high 66 games and posted a 2.85 ERA. The Angels signed him in January.

In 146 career relief appearances, Mattheus is 7-7 with 3.58 ERA.

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Wonder what the corresponding 25 man roster move will be

We can only hope this means Iglesias will permanently replace Marquis in the rotation rather than going to the bullpen

At least he’s not a 37 year old has been. Maybe a 31 year old never going to make. Maybe a diamond in the rough. Time will tell. When you don’t have money you take what you can get.

Why is someone with those results getting let go? I dont get it what is the catch here?

One good year in 2012. 6.37 ERA in 37 games in 2013. Only 8 games in majors in 2014 and 2015. Which makes me wonder why we don’t look to our minor league pitchers like the Cardinals do.

I would guess that it won’t take long to find out if he is the answer. Now, what about Badenhoff ?
I’m still wondering about the lack of bunting ability of Hamilton. I can’t believe the average professional ball player can’t bunt. I believe it was Chris Welsh who said the batter needs to bunt, then run to execute a bunt and he’s right. Over 50 years ago I was taught that while playing Junior American Baseball. We practiced bunting a lot back then.
You set yourself facing the pitcher, hold the bat level over the plate with one hand near the knob and the other hand just below the trademark. You hold the bat and line it up with the pitched ball. Let the ball hit the bat….you don’t push the bat ….let the ball hit the bat. It’s pretty simple, so what is the problem? Don’t the Reds have anyone that can teach the art of bunting? It doesn’t appear they do. What does a hitting coach do besides whatever they do? I’m curious, especially since the Reds team batting average is somewhere around .230.
If the Reds, I mean ALL Reds know how to bunt They’ll start sneaking up on the Cards. It’s not as dramatic as the home run, but it gets the job done.

Don’t know why the Angels let him go. However, I watched him in DC when he was with the Nationals from 2011-2014. He did a very good job. If he can emulate those performances with the Reds, he will be a good addition…..certainly better than Gregg and 1-2 unnamed others. We’ll see.
The Reds have too much money invested in Badenhop. He’ll be given time to familiarize himself with NL hitters. You don’t go from a good reliever with a quality team like the Red Sox to a nothing overnight. Price is right to work with him to get him back to where he was last season.

Red Sox fans in the know say his numbers from a year ago were very misleading. Hence, their willingness to part with him and his late availability since no one else, having done the homework the Reds’ front office apparently never does, would touch him with the proverbial ten-foot pole! I’m with them until something else is demonstrated by the man himself, which may cost several more losses for the club in order to allow the experiment to run its course…

Yeah, Badenhop. Not Badenhoff needs a chance to get acclimated to his new team and surrounding. If you’re going to rip on the guy, at least know his name. I don’t see the Reds cutting Marquis, but they sure as hell should!

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