Game 34: Braves at Reds



Glad Cozart is back, Mark what is going on with Brandon? Thanks.

Turf toe. Story coming soon on

Injured big toe. Can’t maneuver well.

Don’t understand Pena batting 8th. Hottest hitter on team. Stats last 7 games:
Pena .588/.632/.647/1.279
Bruce .130/.200/.130/.330
Negron .173/.333/.176/.510
Nothing like having 2 rally killers ahead of your hottest hitter.

Bruce should be hitting 10th .

Not only is he a dead weight offensively, he cost Iglesias a shutout with a defensive blunder. Put Boesch in RF for the Giants series.

If it’s about winning, Iglesias will stay on 25 man roster. IMO.

Remember . We’re talking about the Reds’ management scheme team . I do agree with you . He should stay .

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Time to see what this season is all about. If this guy doesn’t stay in our rotation, I’ll honestly be done caring about this team for this season.

Cozart when healthy right now should be given another opportunity in the lead off spot. I like what joe Maddon has done with the 9 spot, put Hamilton down there til he figures it out

With how good of hitters our picthers are. It’s really a smart idea if his struggles worsen. But I don’t care what anybody says. I want Billy getting as many at bats in every game as possible.

Also I would not be opposed to trying Mesoraco in left field and sacrificing a little defense to get his bat in the lineup, (move byrd to right for the time being and send Bruce a message)

Completely agree. Either mes or bauch. Time for Bruce to sit or go down and work this out. His whole demeanor is off.

Excellent article by Ken Rosenthal on why the Reds and Brewers need to rebuild now and not wait.

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