Game 33: Braves at Reds 



Its time for Phillips to take over lead off duties. Billy’s not cutting it

I was thinking the same thing about maybe it is time to think seriously about putting BP in the lead off.

I have to agree with both of you .

I don’t disagree that Hamilton hasn’t been cutting it, but last night he led off game with a walk worked his way to 3rd, but nobody could bring him in.

You’re right. Even if we get runners on, we don’t seem to be able to advance them and get them in. Don’t know the latest statistics on team BA with RISP. I believe it is close to the worst in the league. If Neb is following, I’m sure he can provide it. This is the same thing that plagued us last year. With that said, I will agree that BH has offensively sucked so far.

I’m tired of watching Bruce take strikes right down the middle but will swing at pitches in the dirt. AND not making any adjustments at all. Time for somebody in this front office to send a message.

I am tired of watching him in the line up. The kid has talent. They are paying him for his talent. If he wasnt making so much they would have cut him by now. So doesnt it make more sense to get his swing worked on before putting him out there because you are paying so much for him. It seems like the opposite of what they are doing. You want to get your money out of someone. So make them work on it.

Loved watching Lorenzon trucking for home. The kid can run. It was nice seeing a walk off for the Reds instead of the other way around. There is joy in Mudville for today and hopefully for tomorrow.

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