Gregg DFA’d; Villarreal recalled

The Reds designated veteran reliever Kevin Gregg for assignment on Monday. Right-handed reliever Pedro Villarreal was recalled from Triple-A Louisville.

Gregg, 36, was initially signed to a Minor League contract in February by Cincinnati and earned a spot on the club as a non-roster player. He opened the season as the eighth-inning setup man but produced disastrous results.

In 11 appearances, Gregg had a 10.13 ERA with 12 runs, 13 hits, five walks, 14 strikeouts and three home runs over his 10 2/3 innings.

The Reds bullpen entered the night ranked last in the league with a 5.56 ERA.



Why does it take so long for our FO to make these moves.

Because they’re stupid .

Actually, it’s because they couldn’t care less if they lose.

Meant to say:


Reds had a big problem with bullpen in 2014 and so far about the same results in 2015. Just didn’t add any quality. Hitting is also about the same with the outfield struggling to hit .200 overall. Cueto and maybe Leake will soon be gone and talk about starting all over!!!

I think Leake should be resigned and Cueto and Chapman traded . Those two should bring some good players in return . Then again , we’re talking about the Reds’ management. Who knows what they will do .

‘s a start at least. now what they need to do is give Cingrani, Contras and now Villarreal defined and regular roles to see if that will fix the bullpen problem. how can you trot out losers like gregg and badenflop all the time then use the others once a week and expect productivity when they are called upon? I have a feeling this will not last long though. since they did not cut gregg that means they have plans to use him again.

Sorry, I don’t see Villarreal as the needed improvement. Still going to be an arm that can’t be counted on. Hope I am proved wrong.

Villarreal will probably go back down when they call up the starter for Wednesday’s game.

Iglesias will probably be the starter Wednesday.

Sounds like he is going to be the 2015 version of 2014 Curtis Partch.

Also as reported by 700 WLW’s Lance Mc Allister:
The Reds have designated for assignment pitcher Kevin Gregg and recalled from Triple-A Louisville Pedro Villarreal.
The Kevin Gregg ERA in Cincinnati: 0-2 10.13….11 appearances
10.2 innings, 13 hits, 12 earned runs, 3 home runs
Cost: $1.5M…Folks that is $1,500,000…..
or in real terms… A 2015 Chevy Corvette Z06 has an MSRP of $79,000…so its NINETEEN BRAND NEW CORVETTE SUPERCARS with 650 lbs of ft torque and 650 horsepower! That’s what this millstone cost the reds.

Again blogger followers of Mr Sheldon, one of the best around, I might add…..

Its all about runs scored and runs driven in……. He who has the most runs at the END of each game wins….

Does Bruce still have options? I think its over due for some wake up calls. What in the world do the reds have to lose by shaking up some things?

Attention everyone……ALL TOGETHER NOW…….YEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! I think Mr. Price recently reviewed the ERA for Gregg.

Badenhop’s is worse. Should change his name to BadenPOP, because he put’s the pop in the opponent’s bats.

Attention everyone, Price is not the main man in deciding the roster.

He does have a say in it .

Yes he does but there are many people involved in those kinds of decisions but I know it’s easier just to blame one.

No offense when needed. Bruce needs optioned to wake him up to how good he has it in the majors. The team is boring and sadly??? Nobody could care less in that dugout. Oh I keep forgetting. It’s the All-Star game the front office is MORE focused on… Congrats Bob and Walt!!! Maybe in 3 years you will FINALLY wake-up and see a need to fix this mess after Cueto,Leake and Chapman are long gone!

I believe the players care and want to win . I believe Price and the coaching staff want to win . I also think Price is in over his head . The biggest problem is player development , scouting and evaluation of talent . Jocketty needs to go and the entire organization needs overhauled .

So I actually feel that some how some way we actually do a good job at scouting and development. I feel its the decision making that lacks. Most team in our position will not be afraid to trade the big name and not go overboard with contracts. The Reds seem to do both. I feel we have done great on trades bringing in good young talent. I feel that our minor leagues have great development especially on pitching. I just feel that we dont continue the process in the majors. It feels like players get stagnant or take too long to adjust at times. Our starting pitching is amazing and almost all home grown over the years. I just dont understand why we make soo many poor signing of free agents and over the hill players. Let let the youth do their thing. Discalsco (sp) is a great example along with Leake, Cueto, and now Lorenzen. Lets continue to bring kids up to the bullpen if needed. Why waste millions on a never was instead of seeing what we have first at the minimum. Oh and dont forget Chapman is pretty good too. If we can continue to make wise trades then things are not as bad as they seem. I am just tired of throwing away money to these free agents that cant produce. If someone is going to flop let it be one of these kids that dont cost anything.

Jim: I actually like Walt J. He is a STRONG baseball man, held in high regard by all MLB front offices.. (unlike the sleezy Jim B.)…. I would like to see a Young 30 something wizard join Walt, that understands the new – era Analytic analysis of baseball, that the REDS must use to their advantage to fight the BIG MONEY teams. A seasoned vet like Walt alongside an assistant that has the COMPUTER Expertise for the analytics would be awesome…
I do not know if the Reds have this/any young gun(S) on Walt’s staff….? They may already be there…

But as always….spoiler alert ….BROKEN RECORD…coming……

It is all about runs driven in and runs scored….He who has the most runs wins….. Look at how many one run games the Reds have lost over the last 3 years…. check the records….
p.s. I hate, and I mean HATE the Cardinals…

RBI Guy T2

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