Game 32: Braves at Reds (updated)

6:25 p.m Update — Zack Cozart was scratched.

New lineup:

Hamilton 8
Byrd 7
Votto 3
Frazier 5
Phillips 4
Bruce 9
Negron 6
Barnhart 2
Leake 1


When is K Gregg getting his walking papers !

About 5 minutes ago

They need to get rid a few more overly paid players too.

This organization / team / manager / closer is an overpaid joke. I have been listening on AM radio since the mid 1970s and I am done for the year. Show me something and maybe and I mean maybe I will return. Because of internet options, rooting for a team is no longer based on local radio / tv feeds. Good luck with any sort of revenue stream Castellini. I am guessing you will sell once you decide the tv contract is enough money for you and you will not give a damn about the hard working folks who pay and root for the team. Go away already. I really thought you were a blessing when you bought the team from Linder but in hindsight, you are nothing more than a cancer with a big mouth who lies to the fans.

What odds could a person have gotten and how much money could they have made by betting that Chapman would lose 2 back to back games. No joy in Mudville again.

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