Game 31: Reds at White Sox

Hamilton 8

Byrd 7

Votto 3

Frazier 5

Phillips 4

Bruce 9

Mesoraco DH

Pena 2

Cozart 6

Lorenzen 1


Probably our strongest lineup of the year.

I mouthed off yesterday about the lineup and was wrong about Skip and Boesch. So I will just say “GO REDS” today. However, in keeping with my commenting, I hope Price does a better job of managing his bullpen. Bringing in Hoover in game #1 with an insurmountable lead and saving Villareal and Badenhop to keep you in game #2, was again a ridiculous decision on Price’s part. Took away any chance to sweep the double header and be 2 games over .500. IMO.

Frazier returning to form…
In last 5 G he’s hitting .368 (7 for 19) while raising his average
from .215 to .241.

After over seventy years of being a Reds fan and following this crazy game called baseball there are some things I finally got through my head years ago. Here are a couple, these same sentiments were recently expressed by PDoc so I will use his words. “Bullpen building is more important than bullpen usage and roster construction is much more important than lineup construction.” I am neither a Price fan or detractor but I do know that he is limited by what he is given to work with. I read the comments a couple years ago about how terrible Dusty was and yet when we changed managers it really didn’t make that much difference. The main reason you change managers is that is the simplest thing to do to satisfy an unhappy fan base. To change players in this day and age is much harder and if you change GM’s then you have to change your whole system usually which is at least a five year adjustment.

There are all-too-obvious reasons behind Price, in your words, being given very little to work with in terms of roster construction! And those circumstances are NOT about to change no matter who is placed in charge of field managership or the Front Office.

Welcome back Denny .

Good to hear from you again.

Many thanks to both of you…it’s the only place I’m still permitted to post on this crazy website!

Agree, however Price could do a much better job of utilizing what he has. Should of had a chance in game 2 if he hadn’t mismanaged the BP in game #1.

I don’t mean to excuse his boneheadedness. Baker ought to have been retained. They would have continued to come up short against money and real competition in the post-season, but at least THE REGULAR SEASONS WOULD HAVE REMAINED INTERESTING AND RELEVANT, UNLIKE 2014 AND SOON-TO-BE WASTED 2015.

I think it’s time to send Billy Hamilton back to AAA or at least move him out of the lead off spot .

The only reason Jay Bruce is playing is because he makes too much money to sit him . He couldn’t the ball if it was put on a tee . He is absolutely terrible .

The lack of moves by this management group, could it be true this ownership group is selling after this season.

After this season???? It’s going to happen right after the fans leave the park on All Star weekend. Cueto or Leake or both…Gone! It’s sucks, but it’s the reality of the situation.

Hey Billy Hamilton, time to focus on being just a right handed hitter. Oh and do it in the minors.

No joy in Mudville. Hamilton sucked. Too many missed opportunities. Walks are killing the bullpen. Chapman falters. Last year I wondered if Bruce was going to get DOWN to .200, this year I’m wondering if he will get up to .200.

Monday morning: Ouch!

Seriously ! Jay Bruce needs to get his act together . Neb , I know you’re a Bruce fan and you bring up good points as to why , but how long is Reds’ management going to stick with this man ? I’m out of patience .

What choice do we have? Winker isn’t ready, and there is nobody I’d rather see in the lineup in our system then Jay. That’s the simple fact of it. Honestly, would you rather see Boesch in the lineup everyday instead Bruce? That’s about the best option we have right now. I’d rather leave a VERY streaky Bruce in there. He’s been scuffling, so he’s due for a breakout. People need to not forget that he 100% the streakiest hitter in baseball. There is no questioning that.

Let the streak begin………NOW for God’s sake.

I know what you’re saying but when was his last hot streak ? I mean he’s hitting .168 for crying out loud . I Agee there is no easy answer . I think I’d be willing to put Boesch out there just to prove a point to Bruce . He can’t do any worse .

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