Votto suspension creates unique situation

As the Reds are preparing for the doubleheader on Saturday vs. the White Sox, Joey Votto is not here as he must serve his one-game suspension that was levied on Friday. Of course, Votto is eligible for Game 2. I asked manager Bryan Price if there was any issue with having Votto in the clubhouse to get ready for Game 2, while Game 1 is still playing.

“We’ve had to ask that question,” Price said. “He could not be on the premises when the game started if we would have played [Friday]. In this situation, he’ll have enough time. I think he can be here 1 ½-2 hours prior to the start of Game 2, which is going to be ambiguous. He won’t come until after Game 1 has begun, for sure. We’re not going to abuse that.

“MLB is sensitive to that, I’m sure, you can’t ask a guy to do that. If it was a pitcher or anybody, you can just ask them to jump out of a cab and then 30 minutes later, face a lefty throwing 95-plus. That doesn’t seem right, does it?”

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Or maybe not get thrown out in the first place,

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