Larkin on managing: “Not at this point”

Reds great and Hall of Famer Barry Larkin was hired as a roving Minor League infield instructor on Friday and met with the assembled media at Double-A Pensacola. Courtesy of the team’s blog, Hook, Line and Sinker, I have a few of Larkin’s comments for you.

On the possibility of managing a team in the near future?

Larkin: “Not at this point, I don’t think. I manage the national team in Brazil. I really enjoyed that, but I enjoyed the fact that after the tournament was over, it was over. I’ve still got kids that want Dad to be there, so managing in the big leagues is a pretty substantial commitment and one that just my schedule doesn’t allow for at this time. … I interviewed for the Tampa Bay job. I talked to [general manager David] Dombrowski about the Tigers job last year. But I just don’t feel like I’m ready for that type of commitment. If I’m going to dive in, I need to be all in, and I’m just not quite at that point yet.

On the goals and description of his new role for the Reds…


“I like it. Player development has always been something I’ve been interested in. I really appreciate the Reds reaching out to me and asking me to be part of, really in charge of kind of helping to raise the level of their middle infielders.

[In] Forty years, I guess, in Cincinnati, there were two shortstops: myself and Davey Concepción. And since my retirement [after 2004], there’s been kind of a revolving door. Zack Cozart, hopefully, can be the shortstop for many, many years. There’s Brandon Phillips, the second baseman. Hopefully, we will have a surplus of strong defensive, offensive-minded middle infielders in this organization.


hopefully he can teach these young guys the fundamentals they need to know before getting to the reds. how to move a runner along and knowing how to bunt would be a big help.

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