Game 1 Reds lineup

Hamilton 8

Byrd 7

Frazier 5

Bruce 9

Phillips 4

Pena 2

Cozart 6

Schumaker DH

Negron 3

Cueto 1


Ernie must have a smile on his face as he looks down. Playing two in his beloved Chicago. Interesting that there is no Devin. Wonder if they worry he couldn’t handle two games.

Thank God we have ex-cardinal Skip to fill in. Last 7 = 5AB .000/.000/.000/.000. I mean that’s the kind of DH you want…..isn’t it ?? God forbid you would use Boesch. Last 7 = 4AB .250/.400/.250/.650. Realize it’s not a good sample, but come on.

As I look at this lineup and Schoemaker as DH I really think the decision of who to play as a DH comes down to the salary…..Schoemaker makes more than the others that are available.

Is the reason Mesoraco isn’t in the first game because he can only go 1 game at DH?
Would appear so. And, if that’s true, why would you have him not play in game 1 where Votto is serving his suspension? Is this the ‘Cueto factor’ again, where we rely on his superior pitching at the expense of ‘lineup lite’?

Lots of managers do the “lineup lite” thing with their ace if it time to play some bench players not unique to Price.

Price doesn’t know what he’s doing . Don’t try to figure him out .

Watch out !!!! Reds lead 3-0 and it’s getting close to Kevin Gregg time !!!!!!! We need to get him on a roll .

The “lineup lite” did okay tonight. Another nice game.

I’m surprised after that long top of the 9nth, Cueto was allowed to go back out. . That’s to many pitches. Should have let badenhop pitch the last of the 9nth. Save
Cuetos arm and with a 9 run lead that is the time to pitch the guys that are not getting it done in close games. Save Hoover for game 2.

Absolutely, he had no business pitching in the 9th. Send anyone out that needed work and save the key relievers for the 2nd game. Badenhop and/or Gregg could have moped up.

Yet if he did take him out there would be complaints that he wasn’t allowed to go for complete game LOL

I would say that would be correct , HoosierVirg .

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