Surgeries set for Bailey, Magill

The Reds announced Thursday that RHPs Homer Bailey and Matt Magill are both scheduled for season-ending right elbow surgeries on Friday. Dr. Tim Kremchek is performing both procedures.

Magill was acquired in December from the Dodgers for OF Chris Heisey. He made three starts at Triple-A Louisville and posted a 7.90 ERA.


Looks like they gave Heisey away.

In Heisey’s case it was more a matter of getting out from underneath his salary.

when will bryan price fallout of love with cant pitchan inning with giving up runs Gregg

Soon will be impossible to calculate Gregg ‘s ERA

Which might force Walt to release him and bring someone else up.

The Cards and Reds have played 28 G apiece so far this season.
Here is the tell tale sign that shows the major difference between these two teams:
Cards – 124 RS – 79 RA – RD +47
Reds – 112 RS – 116 RA – RD -4
The Reds have allowed a whopping 37 R more than the Cards, resulting in the Cards leading the Reds by 7 G.

Would be interesting to see breakdown of RA between SP and RP for both teams. My guess is the bullpens are the difference. Matheney knows how to use his BP and Price is clueless.

being a pitching coach should see greggs inability has always been bad look at stats w/marlins

Actually, I saw the pitching stats last night when I put this together. They were flawed and showed some errors so I didn’t post them. Suffice it to say that the Cards pitching leads the entire MLB overall. And, when you have pitching and hitting firing on all 8, there is little to see, argue, show difference, etc. Cards have it all, and should they continue on this level they will bury the Central; literally, bury the Central foes by many, many games.

bandehop is the next thrower to have lost major league stuff

Add this to the list of things MLB does better than the NFL: the brouhaha about Deflate-Gate. The NFL is so overwrought! Acts like a virgin living in a brothel. There’s rumors of Brady being suspended a whole year, which would amount to a $20+ million fine. And the story stays in the news and embarrasses the league all over again. Could they handle it any worse? Baseball treats things like scuffed baseballs and corked bats (which are equivalent to the deflated balls) as things to be stopped, perhaps with a fine, and then laughed off. I heard on the radio yesterday that the NFL spent $5 million investigating Deflate-Gate! If true, shame on them – should have just sent the money to Nepal and done some good with it.

Can Kevin Gregg have surgery as well please? Him being on this team and Price consistently trying to “prove everyone wrong” has turned into the biggest joke in baseball. As soon as he came in last night…..I turned the game off. Seriously, I flat out flipped to the Blackhawks and never went back. If he’s not cut today, I may not watch another game for the rest of the season. He’s absolutely terrible, yet he continues to stay on our team, and lose us ball game after ball game after ball game. How can nobody else agree that this organization may not be trying to lose, but could completely care less if we lose. That way they can justify moving trading Cueot and/or Leake.

I think the players want to win but you’re right about management . I think they want to be out of it by the trade deadline so they can unload . That way they don’t have to lie to us again.

Reds vs. Cards – SP and BP…
179.1 IP………………….167.2 IP
6.93 K/9…………………..7.68 K/9
1.11 WHIP……………….1.23 WHIP
3.31 ERA………………….3.11 ERA
71.0 IP……………………..92 IP
9.76 K/9……………………9.0 K/9
1.41 WHIP………………..1.08 WHIP
5.32 ERA………………….1.47 ERA

And think how much more lopsided that bullpen is without Chapman…

Thanks Neb. Pretty much says it all. Noted that Price stated that he thought last night was a good time to get Gregg in the game and get him on a roll. It was a ‘roll’ alright, in the same direction it has gone all year. Maybe tonight it will be Badenhop’s turn to get on a roll.

Price is just stuck on leaving a pitcher in a game because “they should be able to come in and pitch one inning”. A philosophy that is great in principal, but must be adjusted when it fails; he’s very, very stubborn in this regard. He should have been warned when Gregg started the inning by walking the first batter he faced, then taken him out before the game was out of hand. I am still miffed as to why, one of the best BP coaches can’t apply that simplistic logic, rather than basically eliminating the game from any chance of us winning it. Had we scored a few R late it would have underlined this flawed and redundant logic in spades.

But we need to realize our young guns aren’t ready. My question is, how much worse can it be?????

NL Central BP…
Save stats:
Brewers – 6 Sv/0 Bsv – 100%
Cards – 16 Sv/2 Bsv – 87.5%
Reds – 10 Sv/4 Bsv – 60.0%
Cubs – 11 Sv/5 Bsv – 54.55%
Pirates – 11 Sv/5 Bsv – 54.55%
NL Average: 10 Sv/3 Bsv – 68.45%

A petition was started by WEBN today to send Gregg down to the minors. The fans are speaking Walt, are you going to freaking listen for once? I doubt it. I wish I could sign that darn thing a million times.

Remember, your audience is over 1000 people around the world; the majority just read and don’t post. What or who is a WEBN?

Local radio station

A local Cinti. hard rock fm with no sports relevance…

LOL yup, pretty sad when people on a Rock radio station know more about Kevin Gregg then our coach and management does. Then again, if they’re doing it on purpose to lose, like I’m starting to believe, it’s damn smart.

Just take a look at this this and tell me how this guy can still be on the 25 man roster. If it’s not fishy to you guys, it REALLY REALLY should be.

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