Byrd in two-spot; Cozart close

Reds LF Marlon Byrd has caught fire after quite a rough start in a Reds uniform. Entering Thursday, Byrd homered in three straight games. He has a 1.122 OPS with five homers over his last 11 games.  Before this stretch, Byrd was homerless in all 14 games played with a .264 OPS.

Manager Bryan Price moved Byrd up to the second spot in the lineup on Tuesday and saw it work well. Price could be keeping Byrd there for a while, but also indicated that could change.

“It depends on how fluid the lineup remains. We’ve been trying to find our consistency, offensively and we’ve had a nice go of it these first couple of games with Marlon hitting second,” Price said on Thursday. “But you know things can change – if we get Devin back behind the plate and when Zack is back full time. At this point in time, I plan on staying with it just because it’s been productive and he’s really caught fire and gotten to his power. At some point, it might be better served more towards the middle of the lineup. We’ve been just trying to find our way this past month to get some connectivity in our lineup where we can be consistently productive. We’ve had two nice games with him there. I don’t think I would disrupt that at this point in time.”

Zack Cozart is close to returning after being out since Sunday with a bruised right index finger and sore left wrist. He took batting practice on the field, did early hitting in the cage from soft tosses on Thursday after making 40 throws on Wednesday.

“There is still inflammation in there right now, but it just feels way better. I swung, took soft toss, and did my normal routine and it felt really good,” Cozart said before BP. “Swinging was obviously my biggest concern and today was a good day, so far at least.”


… if we get Devin back behind the plate … ?????

My thoughts exactly as I read it. Worst thing in the world for Mes.

Pena has now beat the over-shift twice in two games when batting LH. Gotta wonder why Bruce can’t beat it, even occasionally.

Watching the game tonight and for the life of me cannot figure out why we even have Gregg on this team ( or Price for that matter). Wouldn’t you think that in a one run game if the first three batters reach that you would at least get him out of there? But not Price who decided that maybe after three runs scored and the game is now most definitely lost……………well, let’s make a change cause Greggy doesn’t have it tonight. Come on Cincinnati let’s get a real manager for this team because there’s talent here and this manager has already cost them at least six losses ( probably more) by himself. The worst manager I have ever seen in MLB!!

Not to mention he should have pinch ran for PENA with runners at 1st and 3rd. Your down 1 run with 1 out. And he even lets Mr out shumaker fail again and leaves Boesch and Barnhart on the bench for what?????

Contreras should have been warming up with Gregg so he would be ready if Gregg got in trouble. Unfortunately, once again, Price didn’t make that decision. Thinks a reliever should pitch the whole inning. Might not have won anyway, but at least we would have had a chance.

Actually, the same thing happened a few games ago. The Reds were losing 3-2 and the game got out of hand, again, by BP failure. Then, in the bottom of the 9th, Bruce hit a HR, which would have tied the game. The problem is Price’s philosophy applies to 162 G, not any one game specifically. And, we have already lost a handful of G due to managerial choices, imo. With the Cards and several WC teams playing better than the Reds, this could get out of hand very, very quickly.
The question now is…will Jocketty make a change at the manager level before the contract expiration. I think Price has exemplified that he is junior and plays the game, not as it should be, but as he sees it should be. The underlying and most important role of a manger is to W the ballgame. Just look up mangers; what is next to their name is W and L and percentage, not T (trys) or BPF (bull pen failures) or SRD (scheduled rest day); we have only played 17% of the ball games this season. As I stated on more than one occasion, look at the successful and winning mangers of the Reds, their impetus was to do whatever it took to get a W. That’s what cures all ills, gets the brass ring and puts butts in seats, and Castellini knows this.

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