Game 27: Reds at Pirates

Hamilton 8

Byrd 7

Votto 3

Frazier 5

Phillips 4

Bruce 9

Negron 6

Barnhart 2

Leake 1

Two tidbits from last night:

Kristopher Negron snapped a 0-for-23 stretch with his ninth inning single.

Joey Votto’s caught stealing was only the second for the team this season. After Negron successfully swiped third base, the Reds are 30-for-32 in steal attempts.


Going to be tough tonight, really good pitcher for the Pirates.

This will be the 39th time in 1428 games that Byrd will be batting 2nd. He isn’t a 2 hole hitter. Worked OK yesterday, but I would rather see Votto 2nd and Byrd 3rd or 4th.

I don’t know about that. Byrd IS a VERY smart hitter with a very quick bat. Should see a lot of good pitches in between Billy and Joey as well. I just want him to stick with something. I mean when Cozart is back, does he go back to the 2 hole?

We’ll see about Cozart. Think in 1428 games someone before now would have dicovered Byrd as a 2 hole hitter. We got him as a power hitting #3-6 hitter.

To suggest that Joey Votto was “caught stealing” is a misnomer. He is not what one would call, a great base running ball player. Unfortunately, it has little to do with his speed and more to do with paying attention to the situation.

still went down as a caught stealing nevertheless.


Wonder how many days the Reds will play 2 men short . Maybe they will use Mesorsco as pinch hitter and then run Cozart for him . Maybe the American League has a designated runner rule .

Another nice win.

For those of you that like to say this team doesn’t care whether they win or lose I hope you were watching Joey tonight. LOL

Was a nice win. Leake did a fantastic job. Byrd is on fire. And Negron has a great arm and delicate underhand (LOL). I liked seeing the emotion from Votto, but went too far and I won’t be surprised if he gets a few game suspension. Will hurt in the long run.

Seems to me that the bats could fit this lineup well…
Votto, Byrd, Phillips and Cozart are hitting the ball very well;
should bode well for getting a number on base.

What am I thinking. Votto is going to be out for awhile so I am sure Price
will play with the lineup.

Need to get Frazier out of the #4 spot.

Byrd should be batting cleanup…
April – 77 AB, 21 TB, 2 HR, 8 RBI, .169/.188/.273/.460
May – 15 AB, 16 TB, 3 HR, 6 RBI, .400/.471/1.067/1.538
He is who we thought he was…

BTW…he now is on pace for a 30 HR – 84 RBI season.

Let’s take note: Mike Leake’s ERA is under 3 (2.72), he’s averaging over 7 innings per start, and his WHIP is lower than Chapman’s! Meanwhile, Chapman’s ERA is 0.00. Pretty impressive.

How can you suspend Votto for more than a game if that? The ump had no business throwing Votto out. There was no upstaging or anything. The ump has a little bit of a insecurity complex. I mean it was going both ways and Votto was mad at himself. I saw two other Pirate players throw their helmet down with no ejection. That was stupid and the ump should be suspended just as much for bad judgement.

The rule is black and white…you cannot touch an umpire, period.
And yes, it was overreacting by the umpire to the incident.

Also, an overreaction by Votto. Totally out of control. Additionally, the video shows Votto yelling back at the umpire before he was ejected. Love Votto, but let’s not overreact in his defense. He was out of control. Not something I want to see, or young fans to see, from a grown man over a baseball game. Very sad in my opinion and he deserves whatever is handed down.

In all craziness we sit in the second wild card spot….

Unfortunately, Votot’s going to miss at least 3-5 games IMO. You just CANNOT touch an Ump.

No no no. He was never talking to the ump during the at bat and the ump never came over to let him know he was ejected. The only time Votto ever talked to the ump was when he was motioning he was upset with himself not the ump. It had nothing to do with the ump. That is why he went so crazy, you would too if you thought you got thrown out like that. I get that… He should not have bumped him. But the ump should have not been so quick with the trigger and especially not when Votto was not even talking or upset with him. Heck not but an inning later Walker started yelling at the ump and slammed his helmet down and nothing happened. That is such a joke…

He will get a one game suspension because it is the rule. Ortiz got one game a few weeks ago for bumping an ump. He should not have been thrown out, but even so you can’t bump an ump.

agree he should get 1 game. Anymore than that and they are missing the point.

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