Mesoraco trying to avoid surgery

It’s a frustrating time for Devin Mesoraco. He can’t catch yet or even test his injured left hip. The Reds haven’t put him on the DL yet and he’s been limited to pinch-hitting duty. He could DH this weekend in the White Sox series.

Mesoraco acknowledged Tuesday that the outcome to repair his left hip impingement could very well be surgery. He is trying to avoid that, however.

Said Mesoraco:

We’ve done a number of injections. … It’s not like last year when I did my oblique and we know what we can do to rehab it. … It’s something that down the line, hopefully, is probably going to have to get fixed. At this point, it’s not an option because of how much of the season we have left. At some point, it’s probably going to come into the picture.”

“It’s a four-month-type thing , the surgery. We’re  trying to do everything we can to stop that from happening. We did the PRP, the cortisone, the lubricating injections. We’re trying to do the best we can to be able to finish the season before it’s something that I do have to look at getting fixed.”

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2014. Deja vu -all over again. See you next season, Devin. Will the be a recurring thing?

ANd the Reds continue to play essentially a man short… MEZ we are all pulling for ‘ya…. We miss your RBI production.

Why isn’t he on the DL from the beginning of this problem? I blame Walt Jocketty for all of this playing short. Walt needs to be shown the door. Krivsky and O’Brien were better than this clown. The only reason he is here is because he is Bob’s St. Louis crony. We always get St. Louis’ trash.

Wasn’t it Jocketty who recently said that Mesoraco could be catching in 7-10 days ? Another lie . I bet the Reds will be buyers at the all-star break . What a joke .

8 of next 17 games against AL teams. Mes will be DH. Potential PH in other 9. Let’s see where we are after that.

No win situation for Reds and Devin. Recover from surgery is four months so are going to use him as is till the team considers them selves out of race. As said will be our DH in upcoming AL games, he is so looking forward to that.

I doubt very seriously if Uncle Bryan will know how to use Medoraco correctly . My bet is that the Reds will try all the reabilitation methods and then Mesoraco will have surgery anyway this missing part of next year as well . It’s how they operate .

@Old Jim. Mes is the one insisting on all rehabilitation methods. Let him have it. Let’s get out of him what we can.

Yea . I just hate to see him lose all that time . I think the only way he has a chance to get healthy is through surgery . Hope it turns out well for him .

Agree about the surgery. Sad reality is he may never and probably should not catch again.

5 Impact MLB Trade Ideas That Actually Could Happen
By Jason Catania , MLB Lead Writer May 6, 2015

(…here is the one about Cueto)

Sure, all the talk has been about the ace-less Boston Red Sox landing Philadelphia Phillies left-hander Cole Hamels, and that still could happen. But Johnny Cueto might be more realistic for one big reason.

As Scott Lauber of the Boston Herald writes:

The Red Sox have other reservations about a Hamels deal, including the four years left on his contract (possibly five, if Hamels requires that his option be picked up in order to cross the Sox off his no-trade list). Hamels is 31 and has more than 1,800 innings of tread on his shoulder, meaning he likely has reached his peak. While he would be extremely helpful to any contender in 2015, a long-term relationship that stretches into 2017 and ’18 isn’t as attractive.

In other words, the Red Sox actually might find a short-term front-of-the-rotation fix more appealing, since they won’t have to worry about paying north of $20 million a year to a pitcher whose prime might not last much longer.

Another reason Boston could prefer to target just such a starter? The cost of acquisition isn’t likely to be quite as high because it’s a rental situation. For as great as Cueto is, 10 to 15 starts of him before he hits the open market in the fall is not worth surrendering, say, top catching prospect Blake Swihart or young left-handers Henry Owens or Eduardo Rodriguez. And don’t even mention Yoan Moncada.

The Red Sox have arguably baseball’s deepest farm system, though, so the return for Cueto could bring back at least one highly regarded prospect, like first/third baseman Rafael Devers or outfielder Manuel Margot, along with a secondary piece or two, like right-hander Matt Barnes or shortstop Deven Marrero.

With all of the money the Cincinnati Reds owe Homer Bailey, Brandon Phillips and Jay Bruce, as well as Joey Votto, there’s no way they can keep Cueto around. They badly need to get younger and cheaper and might as well get something for their star righty, rather than let him walk for merely a draft pick.

As far as replacing Cueto, young arms like Tony Cingrani, Michael Lorenzen and Raisel Iglesias, each of whom already has big league experience, would see expanded roles.

Would hate to see Cueto go, but I don’t see a way to salvage the future of the Reds without proactively seeking out a trade for him. The key is to act and not have Cueto become a free agent at our expense. Same goes for Leake and Chapman. If a rebuild is as necessary as most experts think, then strike while the iron is hot and get MLB ready talent with a few years left on their contract. I klnow it’s easier said than done and easier sitting in my chair than Reds management.

I am looking forward to what we can get for him on the open market; a draft pick is ludicrous as we won’t be in contention this year. He makes $10M this season; over double that in the future. I actually look forward to a rebuild as I cannot see how we could ‘tinker’ with this existing team and expect a complete turnaround; we are simply a .500 team. Let’s free up some salary dollars, make some smart trades and reload for a few years down the road; maybe even get lucky and be more successful and contentious starting next season. To do that we have more than Cueto to resolve, as this current roster is not as productive as thought when the names were written down.


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