Game 21: Brewers at Reds

first pitch at 12:35 pm ET

A day off for Votto today …



That’s probably a good thing. Is he still available to pinch hit or have they said?

Thats just mean. Give Votto the day off with Cueto, not the kids debut. Luckily Lorenzen can hit like Leake.

Yea bat him in the 3 spot

What kind of A hole coach sits the best hitter in the NL on the day your top pitching prospect is making his first major league start?

Agree 100% . Why does Votto need a day off . Start treating these guys like men and quit treating them like babies . Unbelievable !!!!!

Nothing wrong to me giving Joey the day off against the Brewers with the Braves up next. Much rather have a fresh Joey against the Braves. Good time for Negron to show how he can handle first.

Not buying into that !

Votto is 2 for his last 19, he likely needs a rest and a day game after a night game is the best time to do so for any player. Even if he was 12 for the last 19, his presence would not make or break Lorenzen’s start.

Ok, well I guess everyone is content with just throwing games away because we already won the series. Well I’m not! No reason to start Negron (who has done NOTHING this year) against a righty. If you want to rest Votto, you play Pena who has done well at the plate, at first. Or play Boesch in right and move Bruce to first. But if I’m an MLB manager and my top prized rookie is coming up for his first start ever in the majors. The top hitter in the NL is gonna be in the lineup for him that day. Especially the day coming AFTER he seemed to come out of his mini slump.

Doesn’t make sense to play Pena at first, he needs to have a day off. He is probably going to be our catcher this year. Negron earned the right to play last year with his work and we are definitely going to need a strong bench this year.

Also disagree! If Meso is done for extended amount of time. Which he is going to be. Barnhart is going to see plenty of time. 60/40 split in my opinion.

Amen !!!!!!!

That Amen was meant For Mikewelsh

LMAO, our bench is garbage….


Not going to include Meso (his 2-22 on the year wouldn’t help the case at all), but the other 4 combined bench players (Boesch, Negron, Barnhart, Skippy) are this combined at the plate right now. Virg….WOW is right.

8 for 57 for a studly .140 batting average
2 combined runs
0 combined RBI’s
16 combined K’s
4 combined BB’s
1 combined extra base hit.

Jason Marquis has more RBI’s then all of our bench combined. YIKES!

Clearly Virg, you have no idea of just how horrible our bench is.

I am well aware of the bench of this team, they need to bat to have any timing.

If Price is going to give key players time off, as he does…why not start Votto and let him bat twice and then give him the rest of the game off. Same for other players. Used to be that unless you were hurt, you would play; some would play while hurt.
Today’s players aren’t any different than the players of years gone by, in fact they have more modern and protective equipment than ever before. Unless a player was put on the DL, they were eligible to play. I’m not sure which is more fragile; the physicality of today’s players or his multi-million dollar psyche. After all, we have only played 20 games thus far.

One other observation…if you have to give a player a “day off”, stop giving a player the day off immediately after he has a good game, hits a HR, etc. Every player and x-player interviewed about this subject has stated that they get into a grove and wants to ‘keep it going’. The latest was Rose who was very candid and said that moving the lineup around or playing inconsistently is the death of a hot streak. Price doesn’t see it that way.

Neb . We agree on this one . very well put !!!

Bottom of ninth, runner on second scored tied, time for a pinch hitter, use Votto, but wait I already use him up earlier in the game with a couple of at bats.

But wait . Votto hit a 3 run home run in his second at bat and the Reds lead by 3 and in comes Chapmann to finish the game . Oh no. Votto didn’t start .

Jim if you can pick predict when Joey is going to hit a homerun you’re wasting your time here you need to go to Vegas with Pete.

You’re doing the same thing . You’re obviously thinking he’s going to be productive . I’ll see you in Vegas Virg .

Baseball used to say that they needed to rest a player occasionally during the “dog days”; referring to the hot summer days/months of August and September. Never heard of the ‘dog days of April’…

LMAO….the dog days of April! Hahahaha It’s been 20 freaking games!

Oh and Mr. Price….Please get Cozart out the 2 hold….YESTERDAY! i even called for a turn around season for him this year, but the dude is no 2 hole hitter. Just stop!

My Idea was to rotate the starters day offs when ever they play the Cards. I mean why not they cant beat them anyway. Why waste an easy game against the Brewers. A win is a win. Find the ones you wont win and sit them that day.

Well, another leak in the dike, and the wrong thumb was attempting to plug it up.
Why isn’t Cingrani pitching the 7th and 8th when necessary…he clearly can go two innings. Had he done so and done so successfully we may well be playing into extra innings thanks to Bruce’s HR in bottom of 9th. We will never know but to give up on a game like this by leaving an erratic Jumbo in the game isn’t managing a baseball game, it’s sticking to ‘Price’s policies’; one of which is…”I don’t believe in match ups and a reliever must be able to pitch a complete inning”. Braun likes that policy.

Cingrani made a total of 16 pitches today in the 7th.

Please help me . Votto pinch hits in a 3-2 game . Why didn’t Price double switch him in case the game stayed close and his turn came up again . Why does Price think the game is over If the opponent scores to go up two . Who is probably the only pitcher on the Reds who can strike out the side of the bases are loaded . The game was on the line in the 8th inning Mr. Price , not after Diaz gets rocked for 5 runs . Maybe Chapman needed rest , too.

Maybe A pitcher ought to be able to pitch an inning, but good managers have another RP getting ready in case the pitcher gets into trouble with the game on the line. On the bright side we didn’t give up another 2 run homer in the 8th again, oh right it was a 4 run grand slam. Any chance we had, Price gave it away. Strategy wise he sucks big time.

Jim…Price did…”Joey Votto, PH-1B”
The problem is that he put him in late. If you play him early, you have the option,
based on the game situation at the time, to either pull him or leave him in. Well, this game was a perfect example of that poor logic. Votto was used relatively late and his AB’s totaled…one. You don’t ever take a hot hitter out of the lineup, in a game you are challenged in, and bat him only once; Price did just that. Unfortunately, this game exemplifies my disdain for Price based on his poor choices in BP use and this ridiculous “off day policy” for key hot hitting position players, coupled with poor lineup use. Especially when we are playing the worst team in all of the NL. We literally ‘spit the bit’ on this race/game. We needed to sweep these guys as more stronger teams
will wreak havoc over our manager…errrrr….team.

Okay . I thought I saw Negron still at First . Thank you . And you’re right on the timing .

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