Cingrani not an option to start

As you will see on, Michael Lorenzen will be called up from Triple-A Louisville to start Wednesday vs. the Brewers in his big league debut. Mike Leake will pitch on Thursday.

One name that is not an option to start for the club is someone who was in the mix during Spring Training: Tony Cingrani. The left-hander will remain in the bullpen for the time being.

“It would almost seem like it would require us sending him to the Minor Leagues to get stretched out,” manager Bryan Price said. “I made the decision – I was involved, a big supporter of putting him in the bullpen – not because that’s what we needed for this club at the time. What I felt was it was where he was best suited coming off a year of a lot of injury and shoulder concerns and the limited development of his off-speed pitches. It just seemed like for him to be able to come in there and maybe cut his mix of pitches to two and come in and be that … it just seemed to fit his nature – very, very aggressive, doesn’t really back off and feel his way through six to nine innings. He goes as hard as he can, as long as he can. I think his temperament is suited better – at this point in time – as a relief pitcher. Some day he may prove me wrong and be a great starting pitcher. I wouldn’t say that’s an impossible thing to have happen.”


The attributes Price lays out are perfect for a setup relief pitcher. My question is why has he only been used once in the last 7 games (once since 4/14). Seems like Price knows what he has but can’t act on that knowledge. We’ll see if Price puts the walk with the talk.

I agree, Cingrani shouldn’t start. But if you’re going to make comment like that Mr. Price. At least use the darn guy out of the pen! I like giving Lorenzen a chance here. If Iglesias was on normal rest, I think it would have been him.

That sounds somewhat like a vendetta or something is going on.

Interesting analysis of Cingrani by Price. If he is better suited to being a relief pitcher, why hasn’t he been utilized more in that role? He went two weeks without pitching at all. And that was when the bullpen was in melt-down. It sound like his manager is talking out of both sides of his mouth. If he is not currently a starting option, then USE him in relief. (I suspect that something else was in the mix between Price and Cingrani. It’s just that Price doesn’t want to talk about it.) We all wish Tony C. well……in whatever role he can play.

You may be barking up the correct tree; the decision just doesn’t make a great deal of sense to me. Maybe it’s this time that…’the Price is right’…

I disagree with Price in his use of Cingrani. If there is a problem that Price sees,
but not talking about…bring it to light. Otherwise, I don’t see not using Cingrani in
this role, as well as other BP roles. But then again, I have already said that Price
isn’t using his BP as I would. One nice aspect of bringing up Lorenzen (still don’t know who got sent down to make room on 40 man) is that we will see what he’s up to.

Good point.

Everyone seems to be missing the realy big problem. Why havent the Reds worked,with,Cingrani to develop other pitches? The Reds player development truly is a mess….. They seem to,find great talent but man oh man they sure know how to make a train wreck of the player.

Finally someone agrees with me on Reds’player development .


he would still be a good starting pitcher if price or the medical staff had a clue, how do you let a guy pitch for 2 months with a shoulder problem? I understand he said he was fine but as manager and pitching coach you can’t see he was pitching from a different angle than the year before?how did the medical staff in Louisville find the problem right away? he may only have 2 pitches but they got him to the big leagues didn’t they? who had the brilliant idea to make him a starter anyway? wasn’t he an all American relief pitcher in college? if the reds had left him in that role the bullpen would not have had to deal with the likes of greg and badenhop today.

Totally agree with Price on this one. He was injured most of last year so you handle him differently, common sense. One thing you learn if you’re at the top rung of the ladder, no matter what you do somebody is going to think it is wrong. On Prices’s recent meltdown there is a school of thought with which I agree . That tirade was directed not so much toward C Trent but toward Walt because I have a feeling Price is tired of having to deal with the question of pitching Greg and Brandendrf(sp) out of the bullpen. I have a strong feeling that and playing player short got to him. That tirade was out of character for him. Walt basically put together this roster.

I can buy into that . Walt needs to ride off into the retirement sunset .


Ok guys…let’s let our ‘Main Man’ relax for at least one game…
Come on…light Lohse up; make him pitch more than most!

Got him 4 so far . Just don’t turn it over to the bullpen . No lead is big enough .

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