Cozart believes big hits coming

The Reds enter this series with the Brewers in need some big offensive improvement. As I wrote after Sunday’s loss, the offense isn’t producing hits with runners on base, or enough offense in general. Manager Bryan Price tweaked the lineup some by moving Zack Cozart to the second spot, Joey Votto third, Todd Frazier fourth and Brandon Phillips sixth.

With his team two games under .500 at 8-10 going into the Brewers series, Cozart was optimistic that fortunes will improve. Although 1-for-8 in the past two games, he’s been one of the team’s hotter hitters with a .352 average (19-for-54) with four homers over his last 14 games.

“You see it around the league right now. An example is the Marlins,” Cozart said. “They were 3-11 and have now won five in a row. You get into hot streaks, you get into cold streaks. Right now, we have to find a way to get hits with runners on base. We’re getting guys on base. We just haven’t gotten that big hit. We’re going to keep attacking, keep pushing the envelope of getting guys on base, stealing bases and we know it will come around. We will get some big hits.”


I hope that Cozart gets some of those big hits. I’ve enjoyed his early season success and hope he can keep it up!


When will the Reds decide that Bruce not only has not hit for some time but probably will not??

The two statistics that are the true essence of the game are R and RBI, imo; both are the markers that affect the game ultimately, and both affect the game finally. Here is a list of the Reds starters relative to these most important statistics:
Bruce has been a producer this season, regardless of the funk we find him in. The
oddity about Bruce is that when he finds his swing, he can produce large R and RBI
in the course of a few games. Therefore, I think it would be a mistake for the Reds to
give up on Bruce, nor do I think they will given his age, his glove, his past performance, etc. But I also believe he needs to make changes at the plate that he might not have thought of to date. Hopefully, someone will assist him in identifying those necessary tweaks albeit the hitting coach or while Barry Larkin is checking out the team periodically. The worst thing the Reds could do is to ignore Bruce and attempt to just let him meander through the season without some help. A proactive
and hot Bruce can carry this team often.

Bruce a producer ! Get real !! He couldn’t hit a ball with an ironing board .

Here are some of our batting woes…
w/runners on – .219
w/runners on, 2 outs – .192
w/runners in scoring position – .201
w/runners in scoring position, 2 outs – .191
…so far, it looks like a repeat of last season.

2008 – 21 HR, 63 R, 52 RBI
2009 – 22 HR, 47 R, 58 RBI
2010 – 25 HR, 80 R, 70 RBI
2011 – 32 HR, 84 R, 97 RBI
2012 – 34 HR, 89 R, 99 RBI
2013 – 30 HR, 89 R, 109 RBI
2014 – 18 HR, 71 R, 66 RBI
2015 – 3 HR, 6 R, 9 RBI
…the Reds won’t dismiss this guys history, or his future, without making
some major attempts at correcting his problems. He has an ability to
put up some incredible numbers faster than I have seen most put them
up; one game he’s doing nothing, the next few he is up with the leaders.
Let’s see what he can do between now and mid season. With all that said,
he still needs to adjust and he still might need some help to make an
adjustment or two. That low-away-outside pitch is still his achilles.

Neb . With all due respect , it’s going on two years with the same bad swing . Wouldn’t you think the corrections would’ve been made by now. I don’t care about his past . He needs to produce now . You can make numbers say anything you want .

I hear you, but if we extrapolate his numbers for 2015 he would end up hitting:
27 HR, 54 R and 81 RBI.

Bottom line Jim…he has way too much talent for the team to
dismiss him summarily. He’s proven and extremely productive.
Not so much recently, but overall, very productive. The question
is how could he Reds replace a guy like this with another guy that
has the same talent…they couldn’t because there aren’t many guys
like this around, nor available.

Hop on Mark. My RBI bandwagon has been beating the RBI drum for over two long years now. Welcome aboard.

Last 7 games BA:
Bruce .100
Phillips .190
Cozart .250

Oh that Bruce…now I have to redo the numbers again!?* lol…

I hope you’re right . The Reds need him . Tonight was a good start . Also from Marquis .

And also Badenhop. Just kidding. He did add a little excitement though.

If only we could play the Brewers everyday. I hope when the bring up a starter to replace Bailey, they keep Contreras up and cut either Badenhop or Gregg. The time has come to give up on these two guys.

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