Game 18 redux

First pitch: 1:10 pm ET



Adam Wainwright gets hurt last night . The Cardinals put on the DL today . That way they can call up a replacement . The DEADS on the other hand keep their injured players active and play short handed . The Cardinals win , the Deads lose . Imagine that .

I see Chris Heisey was DFA’d by Dodgers. Playing mostly in AAA.

They can rest Bruce but before he will ever be a consistent hitter again he has to want to and make the adjustments.

Bruce is another Dunner but better defensively but not as good offensively.

Kind of…. Dunn knew how to walk and had a real good OBP..

I’m glad the Reds picked up Marlon Byrd . That dude can flat out hit !!!! I think he can carry this team to a world championship .

Bases loaded . None out . Trailing 5-1 . The excitement in the stands builds . Hamilton hits into a fielders choice . Run scores . Frailer pops out to the catcher . A force out ends the inning . Wow !!!!! The score 1 run . Can’t even hit a sacrifice fly . This is s BAD baseball team !!!

Cardinals’ Adam Wainwright (Achilles) on DL, likely out for season
by R.J. White |
Sun, 26 Apr 2015 9:22 AM ET

Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright will see a doctor Monday after exiting Saturday’s start with an Achilles injury, but the expectation is that he’ll miss the remainder of the season, Baseball Insider Jon Heyman reports.

The Cardinals placed Wainwright on the 15-day DL Sunday with what’s being called a low left ankle and Achilles injury. In his place, the team has recalled catcher Cody Stanley.

Wainwright appeared to suffer the injury during one of his own at-bats, stumbling out of the batter’s box. The Cardinals announced that the pitcher suffered an ankle injury, and the pitcher himself said after the game that the injury was in the back of the ankle.

“Obviously, anytime you’re dealing with an Achilles, it’s not good, whether it’s a strain or a tear,” general manager John Mozeliak said, per “Either way, he’s missing time. I’ll wait until he sees the doctor tomorrow before making a [definitive] statement [about how long he’ll be out]. But clearly, it’s not good news.”

Wainwright is 2-1 with a 1.44 ERA and 18:3 K:BB ratio in 25 innings. With Jaime Garcia (shoulder) and Triple-A starter Marco Gonzales (pectoral) still on the mend, the team could turn to Triple-A pitcher Tyler Lyons or long-reliever Carlos Villanueva to fill Wainwright’s rotation spot for the immediate future, with Garcia or Gonzales likely to enter the rotation when healthy if Wainwright is dealing with a season-ending injury.

“I just know that we have different guys who are ready to take whatever responsibility comes, whatever role comes,” manager Mike Matheny said. “When I say we need someone to step up, there’s going to be an opportunity for someone to start. And there’s going to be some opportunities for leadership, too. Even during this DL time, I know Adam is still going to be around. But it’s different every time you take someone away or add someone. We have to make sure that things are getting taken care of, work is getting done and leadership is there. We have all the pieces to make that happen.”

8-10 overall
0-3 last three
4.5 back
-10 R diffferential
…all of this has to change and change very quickly.

Neb . I would love for it to change but it won’t . There are too many holes in this lineup . Byrd is terrible and as I said last year , until Babe Ruth Bruce is willing to learn how to hit to left field , this team is toast .

How many runs have the Reds produced in the 18 games when you subtract any that were the result of a home run. Seems to me we can’t score much without the HR. Don’t know if there are stats available for that, but it would be interesting to see are RPG is without the HR. Reminding me of post AS last year.

Cubs came in with a plan. Price don’t know from a plan – strategy not his thing. Great turnout by 1990 players – pathetic show by current crew. Maybe now that the celebration weekend is done – the hammer will fall on Price. (It should…)

“What a bum, Cozart is…he won’t learn!”…
That was our cry and credo last season. The, he spent the off season learning
to cut down on his patented ‘8-2’ swing while letting pitchers feast on him by
throwing off speed stuff down and away (at the 7 hour). Now he learned and lays
off the majority of those pitches while rediscovering his power/drive swing.
Enter on Mr. Jay Bruce…a guy that for several seasons hit the snot out of the ball
and looked to be the best LH hitter in quite some time. What happened? Well, it
looks like he is flailing much like Cozart did, only Cozart was RHd. Can he learn to
stop the flailing? I dunno, but he better because the Reds need him and a true threat from the left side is very important for any team…if they want to threaten the #1 seat.
As for now, someone (H coach) needs to tell him, show him by film that he is reaching and flailing at nearly every pitch that is low outside; something the opposing pitchers know a great deal about when it comes to getting Bruce to ‘flail’.

Name me another team in any era who bats a guy at clean-up who hasn’t hit an extra base hit since I don’t know when. Meanwhile 2 of the best 3 hitters are batting 7th and 8th.
They have no plan when they go up there to bat. Its like they never catch on to how they’re pitching them and the batting order puts nice little islands of safety for almost sure outs – just in case the opposing pitcher gets in trouble.

What bugs me about Bruce is he said in a interview in spring training he didn’t need to change anything. Guess that worked huh???. I would send him to AAA and give him a wake up call. He most of the time has to long a swing and his front foot steps slightly towards 1st base, which he pulls off the outside pitches. The grand slam he hit in Milwaukee. His front foot stepped towards the pitcher. Simple adjustment he refuses to do all the time. Just like in 2010 when the Reds had Edmunds. He talked to Bruce in the dugout and when he came back from injury he hit 3 homeruns on 5 pitches. That was the best compact short swing he has ever had. Now he has the money and could care less. When he first came up he used the entire field. Now he would rather strike out or ground out to the shift.

You’re right . What Edmunds did was LEADERSHIP . Now , that leadership is supposed to come from players like Bruce or Votto , or Phillips , etc . Those players DO NOT have those skills . That or all they are about is themselves . Thus organization needs to unload and start over . Enough is enough!!!!!

Cozart credits 7 month-old son for home run production
Hal McCoy
FOX Sports Ohio
APR 25, 2015 11:16a ET
CINCINNATI — After watching his offensive misdemeanors last season the last nickname anybody would expect to be attached to his name is, “Zack Attack.”

But so far this season, that’s exactly what shortstop Zack Cozart has been from his comfort zone in the eighth spot of the batting order.

Cozart has been one of the most productive offensive operatives for the Cincinnati Reds this season.

There are two easy explanations, in the words of Cozart, as to why he has hit four home runs already after hitting only four all last season and why he is hitting .315 after hitting .221 last season.

And they both might be true.

“My son, Cooper, is only seven months old and he weighs 27½ pounds,” said Cozart. “Quite a load. Holding him has built up my shoulder and maybe that’s why I’m hitting home runs.”

And the average?

“I talked to Barry Larkin during spring training,” said Cozart. “I was hitting on a back field and he was watching me and giving me tips. That helps a lot. I plan to have him sign a jersey while he is in town this weekend with the 1990 team.”

A simpler, more plausible explanation is that Cozart spent most of the winter watching video of himself, so much that his wife became aggravated because he was ignoring her. But she’s OK with it now because of the results.

“I looked for the problem, I found it and I fixed it,” said Cozart. “It was all about getting my swing loaded before the pitch arrives.”

Manager Bryan Price, who stuck with Cozart through his offensive miseries last year, is extremely happy for his slick-fielding shortstop.

“He has taken a lot of heat for his lack of offensive productivity last year. And he brought that on himself when he didn’t perform to his or our expectations offensively. But he worked hard and didn’t let it affect his defense,” said Price.

“He is just such a great kid, great worker and a team player,” Price added “You love it when you have players committed to a team winning and they have success in all facets. And nobody is happier when we win a game than Zack is, even if he has two hits and a couple of homers or he goes 0 for 4.”

Defense never suffers along with Cozarts offense, as he proved last season. He should have won a Gold Glove. Although offense shouldn’t be taken into consideration for a Gold Glove, too often it does and a low batting average hurts. Cozart is once again displaying defensive wizardry and if he keeps hitting and drawing notice to himself in both facets of the game, maybe he will win a Gold Glove. And why not a Silver Slugger, too.

Cozart has had ‘shortstop’ attached to his name since he was a little kid and true Reds fans who despise the St. Louis Cardinals won’t like where his love for the position began.

“I grew up in Memphis (Tenn.) and that is Cardinals country, unfortunately now,” he said. “Back then when I was really young my dad was a huge Cardinals fan. So I watched a lot of Cardinals games and loved Ozzie Smith.”

Smith, a Hall of Fame shortstop, wore No. 1 and, “I always wore No. 1 comining up just because I loved Ozzie. Ever since watching him I wanted to be a shortstop.”

And it worked out in his formative years, “Because I always had a better arm than all the other Little Leaguers so they put me at shortstop,” he said. “The rest is history and I played short my whole life since I was 6-years-old.

“Ozzie was gone, once he retired, I had to find another guy,” said Cozart.

And who did he pick? Derek Jeter, the recently retired New York Yankees shortstop, of course.

“It was Jeter all the way,” he said. “I can remember watching him in the 1996 playoffs and World Series and he became my No. 1 guy. Ken Griffey Jr. was a player I liked a lot, but I had to stick to my shortstops with Ozzie and Jeter.

The thing that Cozart hasn’t mastered, never even tried, was the back flip Ozzie Smith used to do when running to his position. And that isn’t going to happen. Cozart is not flashy, not somebody to draw attention to himself by doing things other than fielding ground balls and hitting line drives.

He realizes if he does enough of that the attention will flow his way.

Just like Reds management has done for 2015…..I quit! This team is a freaking joke.

What i don’t understand is why the headlines are reading that it’s Cingrani’s turn from the BP. Here we are in game 18 and he pitches two good innings. It was decided before the lst game that Cingrani would be relegated to the BP for late, multi-innings efforts. Why, after 17 G is this talked about like it’s a revelation. Cingrani should be the 7th-8th innings go to guy, imo. Once again, we have one of the best PC in all of MLB, yet he makes poor decisions on when and how to use them. I just don’t get it.

How many times do I have to say this . Bryan Price is in over his head . It’s as simple as that !!!!!!’n

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