Price thinks it’s time for Cingrani

From’s Alyson Footer…

Reds manager Bryan Price anticipates working reliever Tony Cingrani into more games in the near future. 

Cingrani last pitched on April 14 in Chicago. Tabbed as a long relief option, Price hasn’t pitched Cingrani in a lot of close games, but, “the time may have come now where regardless of who’s coming up, lefty or righty, he gets the opportunity,” Price said. “I think it’s time.”


No kidding! Why has he been languishing in the bullpen /or, rather, never-never land? What was the point? Was he in Price’s doghouse? If he is on the 25-man roster, why not use him? This story has not been revealed. Use him or trade him.

Let me tell you Price , there comes a time when you make the same bad decisions and you will pay the price of being fired if you keep sending inept pitchers in clutch situations , get rid of the bad arms that Jerketty picked up in the off season if you can

Wow…I think the guy is locked into a mentality that pitches everything “as it should be”, not as it is in real life. The comment…“the time may have come now where regardless of who’s coming up, lefty or righty, he gets the opportunity,” pretty much explains his poor choices when it comes to BP choice.
Sorry to say, I gave him a year and after last year, coupled with his childish outbreak, coupled with statements like this…I’m done.
Price is far too junior to head up a team like the Reds.
I wish him the best of luck in the future.

Agree Neb. I was astonished by his statement. Why wasn’t it his time before. What’s with the lefty- righty thing. He’s pitched Gregg, Badenhop, Parra, and Gregg against both, even when any other manager wouldn’t have. I’m also amazed at how often he doesn’t have a 2nd relief pitcher warming up in a close win/lose situation. He doesn’t seem to be able to make routine everyday game management decisions. He is the worst I’ve seen. And Mark thanks for the info although I feel worse now.

It has been said that Price believes that “pitchers should pitch”, regardless of match-ups and regardless of number of innings (full innings for relievers). On two counts that strikes me as being very odd; 1) he’s a pitching coach by trade and some hitters feast on some pitchers…we have seen it already in the start of this season, and 2) he sat behind Dusty and watched him manage while initiating favorable match-ups, double switches, etc., many of which worked well. I don’t think a manager of a major league ball club can literally and arbitrarily make such statements and run a team that adheres strictly to them. Example: Game #12, Wong against Leake, lifetime….375/.412/.563/.974. Wong scalded the ball to LF; if not for a spectacular catch by Byrd, the game would have been farther in arrears. Further, Leake was pitching in the 8th and was not as fresh as a daisy. I am not sure I have ever seen a MLB game whereby the manager ignored such a hitting line against an 8th inning starter. The sad part is that we have now lost approximately 3 games, imo, due to poor decisions by the manager, and we can ill afford losing any ball games with our nemesis is sitting on top of the central division. Price said during the off season that he learned a great deal his first year citing “lineup consistency” as one of the things he learned. Unfortunately, he hasn’t learned enough and I have lost complete confidence in his ability to get the most out our baseball team on a day to day basis and in each and every game which has and will result in a W; underlined when it concerns both leadership abilities and managerial changes. (BTW…with 3 more wins and less losses, the Reds would be 11-6 and 1 1/2 games behind the Cards).

Price has NO clue what he’s doing . It is laughable . Where is ownership in this train wreck . This organization is in BAD shape . I have s hard time believing Castilini is totally committed to winning . The Reds continue to blow smoke up our skirts on everything from injuries to wanting to win . The only way to send a message is to stay away from the ball park . Sad but true .

What talks to Price’s problem is the fact that I can point to 3 1/2 games where we should have won, but based on replacing or lack thereof of the BP, we lost the game.
When we can’t hit, can’t pitch from the BP, we need ultra intelligence from the dugout and we haven’t been seeing that consistently. One other item that strikes me odd; why a BP coach with such a stellar track record can’t use his BP in a better manner.

Guys…this board is alot of fun for all of us. As Mark has pointed out, it is seen by nearly a 1,000 people from across the world. We share points of view, talk about our team and others, etc. We have fun when we win and some of us get cranky and whiny when we lose…that’s all good, it’s what the board is all about.
However, with all that said, I would remind everyone that with all the eyes on this board that do not post, we need to keep in mind that any profanity whatsoever should not be made nor tolerated. Please watch your talk/posting.

Define profanity. Some consider colorful words as profanity. I consider our 25 man roster as profanity. Let us not tolerate that either.

Can someone tell me what Cingrani’s record was last year?

Injured last year with shoulder. Spent time on the DL in AAA. Pitched well in spring training and in appearances so far this year. If we are concerned about last year then Hoover shouldn’t even be on the team.

Just maybe they are cautious because of his injury.

Hello Mr. Price. YOU SHOULD have used Cingrani in the 11th Inning facing Rizzo instead of batting practice Badenhop. Sad how you NOW have a wakeup that Cingrani is in your bullpen. He hasn’t pitched much at all and when you could have used him, you went with Gregg or Badenhop.. A good Manager doesn’t keep using guys that fail (Remember Hoover from last year getting 10 losses???). Now your doing the same darn thing with Gregg and Badenhop. Is this to please Mr. Jockety? Because he cant look bad on his 2 signings?? Your not a very good manager in my eyes..

Luv that post C’mon Neb are u that anal ? U know something , the last time Reds were relevant the Reds won Series they had a manager that got in their grill for failures and maybe used words like Shit , Damn and F u , get on Chritian mingle if u are offended , I do not need to apologize for nothing , got it !

“got it!”…yes, I understand that you will post whatever you wish to post. I was only pointing out that there are hundreds of people that do not post yet read this site. I realize that Price went off the other day, but when reported…the media never mentioned what he said, instead they abbreviated the words. My brother’s kids read these boards as well as numerous other kids. I would ask you to please refrain from using profanity, that’s all.

Neb , I just wanted to say you sound like a decent man , Your comment kind of hit me the wrong way , I will try not to use bad language in the future . You do your homework , I like that .

Udaman…thank you for your understanding and response. Much appreciated.

Good man.

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