Reports on LeCure from Louisville

When the Reds cut Sam LeCure near the end of Spring Training and sent him outright to Triple-A Louisville, the task was for him to get better fastball command. It wasn’t a popular decision with fans, especially as the middle of the bullpen has struggled to bridge games to closer Aroldis Chapman.

In his five games thus far at Louisville, LeCure has had decent numbers —  a 3.68 ERA  with three earned runs, four hits, three walks and six strikeouts over 7 1/3 innings. His opponents have a .160 batting average. On Thursday vs. Columbus, he gave up two runs and two hits over 1 1/3 innings.

What are the reports the Reds are getting behind those numbers?

“I think he’s doing a nice job of managing the games he’s getting into,” Reds manager Bryan Price said. “Our primary focus with Sam when he went to Triple-A was to get the fastball command back. in the second half of last year, it was more challenging for him. It’s such a big pitch – that two-seam sinker, comebacker that he throws. He was able to lean a bit more on the curveball and changeup last year. I think for him to be the impact pitcher he was for us in the past, the fastball command will need to come back in force. And I have not lost any optimism that he’ll be a part of this bullpen here over the course of the season. We certainly miss his influence.”


What about Lorenzen? He seems to be doing a better job, but do not want to see him rushed – probably do more harm than good. Unless Marquis gets it figured out soon need try something different . Lorenzen’s numbers look better than Holmberg’s or Axlerod’s?

Not sure his triple A numbers are where they need to be to help out where the Reds need the most help, in middle relief. I am sure hoping though, that he does what he needs to do to get back up very soon! Go Reds

Boy did the Reds have this problem child pegged from the git-go…

Sources: Angels nearing deal to send Josh Hamilton to Rangers
Jeff Passan By Jeff Passan

Yahoo Sports
The Los Angeles Angels are nearing a deal that would send outfielder Josh Hamilton to the Texas Rangers, ending a tenuous relationship that boiled over after a drug relapse and reuniting the one-time star with the team with which he won an MVP award, industry sources told Yahoo Sports.

While the return for Hamilton is unknown, it ends weeks of discussions that at one point centered on a potential buyout of the $80 million-plus remaining on Hamilton’s contract, which runs through 2017, sources said.
Hamilton’s Super Bowl weekend relapse followed two underperforming seasons with the Angels, and owner Arte Moreno and other team officials repeatedly voiced displeasure with Hamilton – particularly after he won a grievance and avoided suspension for violating the drug program put in place more than a decade ago.

Now 33, Hamilton turned into a superstar in Texas, where the Rangers used accountability partners and a strict program to help him stay sober. Hamilton hit .305/.363/.549 with the Rangers, won the American League MVP in 2010 and twice helped the Rangers to the World Series.

His departure from Texas was particularly bitter following a 2012 wild-card loss and the Rangers declining to lavish him with a deal like the Angels did: five years, $125 million. The disappointment clouded Hamilton over the last two seasons, as he hit .255/.316/.426 with 31 home runs and 123 RBIs while missing more than a quarter of Los Angeles’ games.

Hamilton has not played this season following surgery to repair the AC joint in his right shoulder. It is unclear when he is expected to join the Rangers should the deal be finalized.

So LeCure doesn’t have command of his ball . And batting practice pitcher Kevin Gregg does ????!!! Get real Uncle Bryan !

Please Mr Sheldon ask the Reds manager why the beck Cingrani was NOT pitching to Rizzo in the 11th inning??? Badenhop has not done anything but throw batting practice since he was signed. How the beck do you even use him in a tied game? He is worse or as bad as Gregg. But LeCure has to work on his command? But the sorry bullpen additions don’t have to worry about that as Walt can’t make mistakes while Lorenzon Iglasis and Lecure are in AAA????? I’m ticked off because Price has zero clue as a manager and I have zero faith in him now. Is he sacrificing REDS games because Cingrani was upset going to the bullpen and this is his way to get even??? He gave up yesterday’s game to the Brewers by not pinch hitting Frazier, or even Boesch or PENA in the 8th inning for negron and Barnhart. And how can you keep a #4 hitter who has zero extra base hits? He is more worried about the media than doing his job he was hired to do. Send a message and pinch hit for Bruce. Or at least let Boesch play tomorrow. GRRR

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