Game 17: Cubs at Reds

I’m back on the case tonight. First pitch at 7:10 p.m. ET

Hamilton 8

Votto 3

Frazier 5

Phillips 4

Bruce 9

Byrd 7

Pena 2

Cozart 6

Leake 1

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I’m wondering how many more appearances of Gregg do we have to endure with less than a 5 run lead? I’m sure he’s worn out his welcome as a reliever. I consider him and Parra to be liabilities for the Reds. There’s has got to be people in AAA & AA who can outperform these two disappointments.

Has anyone asked why Negron and Barnhart batted in the 8th inning of yesterdays game. Come on man ! Anyone got a clue on that bench ?

Let us all continue to remember ….The team with the most runs win… What stat is that? R B I’s…. or as some would say Rib Eye Steaks….. Lets hope the production on this all important stat starts to show a renewed growth for our beloved Reds….

As a fan the only message we can send is by not attending games. This team stinks. Their decisions stink. When are changes going to be made and put the young guys in place. Shameful. Badenhop is batting practice.

Hey Mark. Ask some tough questions and get us some answers. Like where in the wide wide world is Cingrani.

I was going to ask Mark the same thing.

If not for fantasy baseball leagues that I play in for chunks of cash, I would be turning these games off earlier than later. Other than Votto and Cueto and Chapman, what reason is there to watch this team? I love the plays on defense by Phillips and Cozart but as a whole this team is an absolute joke. The ownership is a joke. I will no longer buy Curly’s BBQ from my Indianapolis grocery as I am not going to support such a debacle. Hey ownership, go and piss up a rope and know that there will be no cash flow from this fan.

You’re all right !!!!! But hey, the Reds have the all-star game !!!! Lol

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