Game 12: Reds at Cardinals

First pitch scheduled for 8:05 p.m. ET

This will be Skip Schumaker’s first start of the season.

Schumaker 7

Votto 3

Frazier 5

Phillips 4

Bruce 9

Cozart 6

Boesch 8

Barnhart 2

Leake 1


The Reds need 2 more injuries and they’ll be down to 9 available position players . I hope tonight ‘s game goes about 15 innings so we can see s pitcher play a position . I think this management team has an impingement injury in their collective brains . It has to be the most stupid organization in baseball . What other team plays 2 players short . I wish someone would ask that question to Jocketty . What a loser .

Mark: I am warming up my R B I drum to start beating it for the 3rd year in a row….

Beat it good, hard, and often. We need a win tonight very badly.

Mesoraco . 7 days and counting . Glad he’s not on the DL . He ‘s helping so much . Lol

Way to manage in the 8th!!!! Go ahead run at 3rd with one out. Why not walk Wong with Reynolds coming up next????? You need a dps. He hit a shallow pop which would have been 2 on and 2 out. Bring in a lefty to pitch to Carpenter. Oh why bother. Price isn’t trying to win anything. Plus his wonderful hitters. Bases loaded and Cozart swings at 1st pitch. Then PENA swings at the 1st pitch that wasn’t huggable and pops up. Now watch the last place Brewers kick their butt. As much as Reds fans can’t stand LaRussa. I rather have him because He Wins And would demand better players for the ones that don’t do their job!!!

I hate this auto correct. Gerry hittable not huggable

I knew what you meant . Lol

Why not at least walk Molina and match up your pitching from there . Here’s an idea . Maybe , just maybe , you could use Chapman in the eighth inning . Price probably had to ASK him first . If you and I can think of these options , why can’t Uncle Bryan ?

We all know … according to Reds managers it’s illegal to use Chapman in the 8th … especially in a tie game AND on the road! They have to “save” him for a save situation. It’s so dumb … you couldn’t possibly make up this stuff! How has baseball decision making really come down to these ridiculous specializations? Makes perfect sense, let’s not use one of, if not our best weapon in the entire series because the rest of the Reds haven’t already won the first 8 innings without you. So basically, because it was only the 8th we were playing with an even shorter roster than we all knew. I really thought Price would be different. I was wrong. It sucks. I also had hoped that Walt was a GM who could take us to a championship. I was wrong there too. The scary thing is we need to probably make great trades to be able to reload quickly. (Cueto, Chapman and others ) are we confident Walt will succeed in doing this? Ugh. So frustrating! 😆

Right on. Chapman appeared in all the first 5 games. Has made 1 appearance in the last 7. No logical explanation except Price’s ignorance of game strategy.

Feel bad for Leake. No run support. Bad decision in 8th to pitch to Wong IMO.

Wong against Leake, lifetime…

Price has got to know these statistics, just like he had to know Carpenters stats with Bailey. It is so frustrating to see him make game management decisions that defy logic. I fear it’s going to be a very long season. It appears to me that the fire and fight of the first week have been reduced to ash and resignation. Lets hope for at least 3/4 from Brewers.

Monday morning: Start 4-0, then go 1-7; in the immortal words of Dennis Green: “They are who we thought they were.” It’s not this pitching decision or that roster move, guys. It’s this: 1 though 25, these players just aren’t good enough. Not time to give up altogether since we haven’t crossed the TPerez Line, but at some point we’re going to have to just sit back and enjoy baseball. For instance, in yesterday’s game, a comebacker to Cubs Pitcher Lester got caught in the web of his glove so he jogged towards first base and threw the whole glove to Rizzo to get the out. And they showed a clip from Friday’s game where a young lady, already half in the bag, caught a foul ball in her beer cup and then proceeded to down the beer with the ball still in it. Funny stuff.

My new motto for the season…..

Keep losing-get SOMETHING for Cueto.

The fact that we traded Latos and Simon in order to keep Cueto, yet we still havent locked him up should piss us all off as it is. We needed to give show him the $$$$, and of course we didn’t. But they had no problem giving Homer as terrible contract. A good baseball team, stems from good management. And ours is completely pathetic, and stupid! That deal we gave Bailey was awful and if I were Cueto, there’s no way in the world I’d want to come back to this team who can’t score for him, then always blows his wins in the 8th inning because our manager is too dumb to make the correct moves. Looks to me like everyone was dead on about this team finishing 5th in the division. The fact that Jason Marquis and Keving Gregg are even on our team should have told us all that before the season started. Those are two guys who don’t even deserve to be in the league. .

We may be on our way to loosing Cueto and Leake at this point. That would really hurt… You have to sign one, I choose Cueto. I dont care the price because its not like the Reds know what to do with the money anyway. They will just spend it on something stupid. I know everyone is saying we cant afford to pay Cueto but they are acting as if we are the Cards or Sox and know how to spend out money.

You are dead on the money . This management team could be mistaken for a sitcom . Jocketty has no clue what the hell to do or how to do it . Price is nothing more than a mouth piece who doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing . Then you have Castillini who keeps them employed . On top of all of that , the Reds minor league teams suck with little or NO development . How else do you explain having Stephenson , Lorenzon and other prospects spend half of their pro career in the minors . This organization is a joke !!!!!

We have what I believe is the best combo is baseball: Hitter/Pitcher. Lets not waste good. Walt needs to wake up and see we may not see a duo like this again in a Reds uniform for years. lets build the team around this now while we have them.

Good pitching beats poor hitting…
4 R in 27 innings is an average of 1.33 R per G.
CLICK! 6:00AM “then put your little hand in mine, there ain’t no hill or mountain we can’t climb…….”
Oh no, ‘Groundhog Year’…

Good article on Enquirer concerning Cozart. Thank you Barry Larkin for your observation and advice to him. Obviously our hitting coach had no clue. I was one who had given up on Cozart. Hope he continues to hit like he is. Too bad Jocketty and company didn’t see fit to interview Larkin for the managers job.

Larkin as manager???? Nooooo that just makes too much damn sense! I predicted a breakout year for Cozart at the plate on this site. He’s always had the tools and the swing. It’s just been about putting it all together. He’s never going to be a stud hitter. But he’s better than what past years have shown.

So Uncle Bryan goes off on the media for doing their job . First of all Mesoraco should be on the DL and who does Price thinks he’s kidding ? Mesoraco isn’t able to hit anyway . The Skipworth kid should’ve been told he was going down before Barnhart was called up . Just another example of how unorganized this “organization ” is . Pitiful !!!!

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